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Whoo settled in at last. A few pics

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Well its been about four weeks since I was last online due to the house move. Anyway to cut a long story short this place is just Fab!! We are in the end of a row of 25 old mining cottages. Totally surrounded by woodlands and fields, a cycle path at the bottom of the garden which goes for about 20 miles in either direction and is part of the national cycle network. Also a fairly wide stream that runs along the track as well, bats, owls, woodpeckers and birds galore. Minnie and Milo were in care on the weekend we moved, and we got them back on Sunday afternoon. Now the plan was keep them in for five days for them to get settled. Not the case, after a brief explore of the house which has three floors, they spent the rest of that evening and the following day at the windows crying. I just had a feeling about those guys, that they were too close to us to go off. So we did not feed them on the wedensday evening, and let them out to sniff about for an hour while we kept an eye on them. The following morning they were at the door waiting. The rest as they say is history, they just have one enormous playground now

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great photos! am glad you like your new place..the cats seem to like it too..
nice bird shots!
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Sounds like a wonderful place! The kitties sure look like they're enjoying it.
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What an interesting looking house! Given the surrounds in the picture, I can see why your kitties are enthralled! It's a cat's dream setting!
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Cool place & great photos! Your babies are beautiful!
My Mom grew up in a neighborhood/situation alot like those row houses & the history of them fascinates me. Have you looked into any history of the place? It would be cool if you could find some old photos of past residents & find a place to display them.
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Wow! Gorgeous photos!! Nice!!
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Oh WOW! Stone houses in the middle of nowhere! That just looks awesome, and so old! When were they built? I love older houses. They have so much character. I would love to see pictures of the inside, if you get a chance (I know, you're still moving in so I will give you a grace period )

How close are you to a city now? The birds are beautiful! Is it actually forest around you or are you just luck enough to live in a surbuban "forest"? I'm guessing you don't have to deal to much with wild animals there.

That is a beautiful setting and I'm enchanted. More pics please!!!
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Wow, how beautiful! The first thing I thought when I looked at pictures is "wow, that looks like England..." Soooooo jealous! A beautiful home and family you have!
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What a beautiful location. What lucky kitties you have!
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I am so jealous, Bath is beautiful. I visited in 2004 and fell in love.
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Thanks, there was mining in the town since the 16th century, I need to find out a bit about the the actual dates of the cottages. Here are a couple more

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I'm sooo jealous! I would love to live in a place like that! It looks like such a quiet, peaceful setting, and your cottage looks so comfortable inside. Did you buy the cottage or are you renting?
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Wow! That place looks awesome, you are so lucky!
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Ohhh, I'm envious! Your cottage looks fabulous! I love old places like that, and being at the end of the row must be just perfect.
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Oh wow!
What a gorgeous house and area to live in. Your cat`s must be having a wonderful time!
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Nice pictures, it looks a beautiful place
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Wow, what a gorgeous place! I am definitely jealous too.
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Thanks again, it is a great place, we are renting, it is pretty peaceful. There is a small factory over the other side of us which produces animal food for livestock mainly. It is far from smelly, in fact sometimes when I catch a smell of it, it make me feel hungry The only noise you get is from like an air condition unit, it shuts down altogether for the weekend so that is nice. My dad has been checking out the history for me, they were built in the 1800`s and just one rank of 25 houses contained over 150 people, a lot of children in those days, as child labour was at its peak. Well if I find out anything else interesting I shall let you know.
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How beautiful! Like little castles! And your kitties are so cute!!!
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Nice pics!

The kitts look so happy!
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