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Feral cat still crying! What can I do?

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I've posted about my situation before, but it is still going on so I'm asking for help again. :o(

A feral that once belonged to my colony comes back a few days a week to sit in the corner of my yard and cry. He can cry for what seems like hours. I have tried feliway spray (It's not too useful outside), catnip and talking to him gently but nothing works. If I do try to approach him, he jumps the neighbor's fence and cries in their yard!!! The neighbors are getting very upset at this point as they think that since I have a colony every cat in the neighborhood belongs to me... He did once live here, but moved on- is he still considered part of my colony?

This whole situation is particularly hard as my direct neighbor is home every day for the summer and spends it all outside in his yard. He has a temper and I am afraid for this cat. Help! What can I do? He is neutered and his brother/sister still live in my yard happily. I've thought that maybe he wants them to join him, but they are happy where they are. As I said in an earlier post, I don't want this cat to endanger my colony- Things here have been quiet with all of the cats, with no fights etc. Help!
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What is your goal with him? To bring him inside, find another home for him or to take him to a shelter?

I would talk to the neighbor about how frustrating this cat is, get the neighbor on your side. He might be willing to help you if you have a plan for the cat. I've found that people are more willing to help if they think you understand how they feel.
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I am so sorry for what you are going through and understand your worries. I am not nearly as experienced as most here, but will toss out the thoughts that come to mind. You never know when something might work.

I understand that he is young and has been neutered. He also has littermates that live in your yard. I think I remember you posting that he seemed healthy. He may have a health problem that is not obvious.

Do you have cats that live inside? He could be calling for the inside cat. Have you thought about trapping him and bringing him inside to see if he calms down, or you may be able to better watch him inside to check his health.

I use a vet that treats many ferals and have learned so much from him. It is my understanding that siblings do not have a good memory of each other if separated. Think about getting him in at least for a short time to watch him.

I will ask those in my area that work with feral cats and rescue to see if they have any ideas. For a feral to be making noise it must be something significant. Hoping things get better soon.
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Thanks so much for your responses. I agree that there must be something wrong but I can't imagine what it could be. It is just so nerve wracking when it is a quiet summer day and all of a sudden Meow, Meow, Meow every minute or so for an hour or two. And sometimes he will come back later and do it all over again.

My goal with this cat is to make him happy. If possible to get him to live in my yard with the other cats, or to make him happy where he now stays most of the time. I want him to be more quiet so he does not draw attention to himself as I have had cats that have mysteriously disappeared and I do not want that to happen to him. The shelters around here do not take ferals and if they did, I believe that they would be put to sleep. I don't think that socialization is possible at this point.

On my last thread (I should have posted a link, but I'm not sure how) Gayef suggested that maybe he wants to be followed, but I'm not really fit enough to climb the fences he does... as he travels through back yards.

I do have an inside cat that is still very feral that gets out sometimes. I don't know if he has made friends with this little fellow though. I have been putting out food and water in this corner of the yard, but I don't want it to seem as if I am drawing him here instead of trying to make him quiet and happy.

I do have an agressive alpha male that leads the colony. This could all be his fault. He is the one who keeps everyone in line.

I guess that trying to trap this little guy is probably my best bet. I am so short on room though... And as I caught him already it's going to be very hard.

I will keep you all posted. Thank you so much for all of your help! I truly appreciate it.
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