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I'm going camping this weekend, i was wondering if i should bring my cat with??? What do you think??
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Me personally i wouldn't. I'd be worried incase he/she managed to escape and wouldn't know where they were
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you don´t Idea of what you will find there and wich one dare could you have, so maybe you can´t be underlock at your kitty in the place where you going to go....

Don´t you have someone of your completle trust to leave at your kitty for this short time?...
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If you are planning to use your kitty as coyote bait, then bring it wth you. Dogs can be brought camping because they are trainable, they have a pack mentality and will stay with you (mostly). Housecats do not have a pack mentality, do not adapt to change well, and will probably spend the camping trip being freaked out and may escape. If your kitty escapes in the woods while camping, you will almost certainly never see it again. Board it or leave it at home.
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Well the only reason i ask is that my roommate says whenever i leave for the weekend all jubilee does is cry, cry, cry. thats why i was wondering if i should just bring her with, she could stay in the camper and i could just give her a really long leash to stay on outside?? i'm just throwing stuff out there.
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lol coyote bait huh?

No my roommate takes care of her, i just think she misses me. But don't worry she will be spending the weekend in a/c.

another reason why i asked is because my friend brings his cat everywhere, even camping, and i think the his cat likes it. maybe he is just use to it.
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I wouldnt. It would be stressful on the cat and even yourself. You'd be worrying about her getting out the entire time, and she would be in unfamiliar surroundings. I'd personally leave her home with your roommate, cries or not.
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Unless its camping in a solid place (like an RV or pop up camper), I'd leave the cat at home. We camp with a tent we set up - the dog comes with us - she loves camping, but we would never take the cats with us.

And if you do take them, the A/C has to be kept on And I would NEVER put a cat out on a leash in a campground!
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I agree with the consensus. I'd never bring my cat anywhere unless absolutely necessary. They are better off at home with someone watching them, missing me but safe none the less.
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I wouldn't recommend it for many of the same above mentioned reasons. It's just not a safe idea for your kitty.
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I wouldn't just because it would be a pain. None of my cats are outside cats and Leya gets to go out on a harness when I'm outside. Not too mention it's been a long time since any of them have rode in the car longer than 10 minutes and they would probably throw up.
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Depends on your idea of camping. If it is traditional camping with a tent and sleeping bags, no. If it's MY idea of camping in a full RV or trailer with all the comforts of home, then I don't see any harm as long as it's air conditioned and you don't think she will try to get out on you. If there's a window she can see out of, she may actually enjoy the change of scenery. It also depends on how well she adapts to change. She may be with you, which will make her feel better, but the surroundings will still be unfamiliar (favorite perch gone, etc). A lot depends on your cat's personality.
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I agree with the others, it's better for you to leave your cat at home with someone to look after it, or find a local cattery...the stress of taking a cat on a camping trip would be too much, not to mention the possibility of escaping.
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