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Convertor box for TV

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Yes I know we are one of the few Americans who do not subscribe to cable or satellite TV.
I ordered the coupons earlier this month and will receive in a couple of weeks (or so).
Anyhow I don't know if it matters the brand of the converter box or features to look for.
We have 3 TV's, one in Neils workshop, one in the kitchen and the larger one in the family room. One of our friends picked up his converter box (magnovox last night) and was impressed at the signal, number of channels etc....
Any suggestions/tips???
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With the coupon, you can get the converter for about $10 at Wal-Mart.

We have cable, but I am told that if you have any signal at all, you may have a fantastic signal. And more signals; all our local stations have at least one digital channel, and some have as many as four.
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But do they have a converter that will fit the TV in my 1990 conversion van? It's small but it's color and the greatnieces and nephews like to watch it.

Need to get the coupons because we also are of the no cable/satellite bunch
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The converters are really tiny!! Like the size of a hardcover book! Our friend had two coupons and picked up the magnovox convertor at walmart and gave us one (in lieu of $$ when we had cookout!).
We hooked up to small HD ready TV in kitchen and had better reception and a few more channels. We then moved it and hooked up to TV in family room. Again better reception but one of the stations that we didn't have problem with didn't come in.
There is a blog from consumer reports on the converters. When we get our coupons in a couple of weeks we will get a Zenith and another brands.
The downside is unless we have two converters hooked up to the family room TV we will not be able to use Picture N Picture feature nor can we watch one channel and record another. So it looks like that TV will have to be replaced as we record a fair amount of shows. Or buy another machine to record shows and hook up to kitchen TV which would be a pain.
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I have an older Accurain model from Radio Shack (from about 4 years ago) and a new Magnavox that I got with my coupon. The Magnavox is great - it works with regular rabbit ears (although I do have a special digital antenna) and is really easy to set up. If you have an older model TV that's not cable-ready you can get a converter for about a dollar at Wal-Mart, Radio Shack or any other electronics store. It will have hooks on the end (to fit into the antenna) and a cable terminal on the other end.

I get all the main channels out of Boston, and the sub channels come in great as well. Many PBS stations use the Create, World and Kids cable channels for their subchannels, and Ion has Qubo (a kids channel), Health and Worship as their subchannels. A lot of NBC stations run Weather Plus as a second channel. The digital stations have different channel #s than the regular over the air stations, but the new box maps to the original channel #s so you don't have to memorize a new channel lineup.
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