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Daily Thread TGIF July 18th!

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Good morning Good MOOOOOOOORNING!

Welp, Friday is finally here..and only 2 more weeks until my trip to Ottawa.

Me and my sister are heading to my cousins baby shower tonight. She had a little baby girl. Named her after my sisters dog She didn't know that the name she picked was the dogs name..but still funny.

Sleeping at my sisters then tomorrow my dad is fixing my exhaust on my car..just a little gasket.

Ummm, thats it! Have a great weekend folks!
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TGIF! I am so looking forward to the weekend! As if you couldn't guess, I'm off riding for most of it.

Today I've been lounging about, waiting for my lie-in tomorrow. And hopefully it won't be disturbed by a little furry purring creature, crawling all over me like she did at half 5 this morning!

Later I'm off shopping with my mom and then I have no idea what I'm doing until I'm back home to watch Corrie.

Have a good day peeps!
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Morning All!!

Overcast this morning looks like we are in for more rain

Another busy weekend coming up in cottage country, this weekend is the Art in the Park Festival..Lots of nice stuff to look at, although way to expensive for my standards..

Heading off to work shortly, today I am working on purchase orders and scheduling so nothing to stressful.

After work I may take a stroll throw the park but it really depends on how crowded it is..

The kitties are good, birdwatching right now...

Everyone have a good day
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Its another hot/hazy and humid day with chance of rain-I'm sounding like a broken record.

Not working today much to Neil's consternation-its tough working outside when the weather is like this even though I know there are lots of people that do it!

Made sweet and sour meatballs last night for supper-blech!! Hopefully I can rinse the sauce off and salvage the rest of the meatballs. Threw that recipe away too.

Lots I can do around the house-need some motivation though.

Bakker is calmed down after being a brat earlier, Griz is snoozing in the house somewhere and the other two outside.

Have a good day!!
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Today Is my Birthday

My husband is coming home early, staying home with the kids while I go with a friend to a Hockey Convention Which spans from today through Sunday.

It should be fun, but I also feel bad as I have other friends that wanted to have cake and play cards and family that wanted to spend it with me, etc...

There is always next weekend tho I suppose

All birthday presents will be in the form of $$$ as they know I want to get a new camera as a Birthday 'me' present. So I look forward to that.

That's what is going on over here.

Oh & I still have a cold Bleh...

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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1 year until I am married. I am finally starting to realize in a year I am going to be married.

It is hot outside today. The thermometer outside my kitchen window says 33. I am back to work today. I have been off since Tuesday at 3pm. Tonight I work 3-9:30.
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Originally Posted by Lore View Post
Today Is my Birthday
Happy birthday!

I've been having major issues with my internet. I can barely get on the internet, let alone reply... So let's hope this post works and I can break my dryspell! (Is it odd to give oneself vibes? )

It's been a long, rough week, and I haven't been feeling too hot, so today I will be lucky if I work the entire day, and will likely leave early and go home and SLEEP! I'm so glad it's the weekend!

So I don't wear hardly any make up, except lipstick, because otherwise my lips are literally BLUE (I look dead!). So I have this new lipstick to wear, it's really shiney and supposed to not transfer. Well, I'm used to regular chapstick, so this stuff feels really sticky to me. I'm afraid to close my mouth and I'm talking funny! I'm such a tomboy.

Weather is icky here again today. It's been generally clearing up around noon, so we're getting a few hours of sun, but we're lucky if we get up to 70 (60s is cold for me!), and today will be no different.

Kitties are good. I don't think the X-Pack ever sleeps anymore! They're a lot of fun and love to play on me. They are learning pretty quickly that bitting is not allowed and to play gently with people. I'm so proud. Evie is good, too. She was super talkative this morning. I wish she'd lower herself and speak English so I can understand! She's really cute when she talks so much!

Happy Friday to all!
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Good afternoon

Rainy and muggy here today. Of course I parked my car a zillion miles away at work, and it started pouring right before I left

Had some Firehouse Subs with Rob for lunch a little while ago. Got a salad with turkey waiting in the fridge for when I get off work.

Getting pummeled by samples today, but that is okay - it means I'll still have a job Hoping to leave here around 4pm today .. gotta stay a little longer cuz I took an hour and 5 minute lunch (and usually I dont take one at all!)
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