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I'm excited, but will they be?

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So my job requires me to travel quite a bit. My boys (Ernie and Santo) have been alone since I left Tuesday morning. I left and it broke my heart knowing they were going to be alone other than my friend coming in to check on them and cleaning out the litter box. I can't wait to get home tomorrow to see them, but do you think they will be happy to see me or will they "snub" me? This is the first time since they will be exposed to my extensive travel schedule after I got them last year. I tend to think of myself as a REALLY good Dad, wishing they would know exactly how good they have it around my place! LOL
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mine are always super-clingy when i return from being gone for a few days...
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You are probably taking it harder than they are. They have each other while you are gone so once they get used to the idea that you leave for a couple of days they will be fine with it. When we go on vacation I get different reactions from different cats. My older two could care less and act like I just left that morning. My 4 younger ones (8mos to 2yrs) are usually hiding till they figure out its me and then meow their complaints but settle down quickly. They tend to stick closer to me for a couple of days and then back to normal.
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We left Matilda & Chloe alone for a weekend and they were very happy to see us. Chloe especially, she really likes being around people. She likes to lick our face, but she would not stop and she couldn't stop purring. Matilda was happy I think simply because her 'routine' was back to normal.
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We just returned from a week long vacation. (We had a "pet nanny" that came in twice a day to feed, clean and play with our cats.)

I really thought that the cats would be traumatized by our absence since we are home with them 24/7 but they were fine. The nanny said they played a lot and had no eating or behavioral issues. They were very happy to see us when we did get home.

In fact...the best part about our being gone is that Forrest and Lilly get along MUCH better. Now I find them laying together all the time. They never did that before. I guess our being gone made them realize that they could keep each other company.

I think we missed them more than they missed us.
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