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Mia Feral

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Mia is really irritated. She knows that there are threads showing pictures of her kittens, and not one dedicated to her. She is not happy. So here I am, trying to make amends by dedicated a thread to the beautiful Mia Feral!

This is the day she was brought to me. She had been trapped the day before, and taken to the vet before she came.

Here she was just a few hours later, and having given birth to four kittens.

Here she is after she decided that a very small cat tube is the place to move her babies.

Here she was entering the "GET OUT!" phase, which lasted quite awhile!

Here she is now. Her demeanor is definitely more relaxed. We still have a way to go, but she's getting there.

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What a pretty girl she is ... she looks like she would just be the sweetest thing since candy! I hope it won't be too much longer for her to trust completely.
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what a doll ... she has the same "look" my Zoey did when she first came
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Wow, look at that pretty face! She looks so much healthier now! Her fur looks in much better condition. What's going to happen with her, will she be adopted out, or is she too feral still?
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She's such a pretty girl, and she does look now as if she's giving serious consideration to this "trust" thing. I hope it doesn't take too much longer.
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Aww She is one pretty little girl! She has such a pretty face

Hope it all goes well
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Kelly, Mia is a real beauty! You've really worked well with her
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She is absolutely beautiful. She has really changes for the better. The one of her in the cube sums it up nicely how she she felt. It shows in her eyes.
Her eyes look softer and she looks healthier.
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She's so pretty Kelly, you have done wonders with her She seems so much softer now
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The emotional scars that this beauty suffered during her feral life, are slowly healing.
Thanks to you Kelly, she is a survivor.
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lovely Mia!......absolutely all a Mother!... how lovely see her!
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She is gorgeous!!!!
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wow! what a difference! she really has turned into a lovely little girl
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Wow. She is really beautiful
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Awww what a pretty girl! Such a sweet little face!
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Wow! she looks so much better in the last pics What a difference.
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Is her name actually "Mia Feral?" If so, am I giving away my age to say I get the joke?
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Is her name actually "Mia Feral?" If so, am I giving away my age to say I get the joke?
Ha! I only just got the joke
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You do NOT want to irritate Mia.

What an improvement in her! She's gorgeous.
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Mia Feral! And oh, she's a beauty.
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