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We are adopting Grace on Tuesday , this pic is on one of our visits to the shelter.

I went to rub her under her chin , she floped down into this position
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Awww, she's preciousCongratulations!!
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Awww that pictures precious! I can't wait to see more of her because she sounds a love bug
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what a cutie pie!
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She is adorable!
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Little does Gracie know....
come tuesday, she will be welcomed into her forever loving home.
She is adorable.
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I'm excited for you! Can't wait till you get her
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Already a love bug too. She is going to be very happy with you. She is adorable.
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Thank you I cant wait .... its like waiting to give birth lol
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Aww! Can`t wait to see more pictures. She`s a sweetheart
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