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Loose stools in my senior OX

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Man it just one thing after another with him.

He has been a garage cat and is outside (if he wants) during the day.

I mainly feed him moist food now-he eats a little dry not much, but this week has had loose stools and of course not in litter box but on the garage floor-several spots/day plus I've seen him go in the lawn (can't step there)

Its been warmer and more humid this week so I don't know if thats driving this.
The brand of food hasn't changed as its still picky.

Just another aging thing I have to deal with?? 19 yrs 4 months currently.

Neil's getting a bit upset with this-I'm going through lots of paper towels and bleach/water.

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I feel your pain lol. I had a couple of geriatric cats, lost them last year at the age of 19 and 20, and this was pretty common. It seemed like everytime they went outside on a warm day they would have digestive issues. My vet and I felt that it was mostly due to them eating grass and bugs and unless it went on for a couple of days it wasn't anything to worry about. They both also seemed to have accidents more frequently as they got older. Again my vet and I chalked it up to not being able to make it to the potty in time. Similar to an elderly person. I think they also lose some of their sense of smell and eyesight so it is tougher to find the proper place. In the last couple of years of their lives I added a couple of litter boxes in places closer to where they would nap so they didn't have so far to go and it seemed to help. My dh used to get so mad at the accidents until he realized that they were both around 100 years old in human years so he learned to cut them some slack. They both left us within 3 months of each other, one from stroke and the other from a broken heart (they were always together), and even with the extra work they caused in the end of their lives we miss them everyday. Now we have 4 under the age of 2 and that's a whole different kind of work lol.
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This isn't the first time this has happened-usually when I switched brands of food.
No new accidents last night-I'm going to change litterbox contents (again) and perhaps sprinkle some catnip on it as a lure. We have one more day of warm (to me) and humid weather so hopefully that will be the last for at least a few days. I know his eyesight seems to have gotten worse in the past few months but he sure knows when I have an open can of food in my hand!!
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