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Cats third eyelid

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Hi, never done this before so hope it is alright. posting this about my 4 year old chocolate burmese whos recently fell ill but has now recovered. however, some days after her right eye is nearly completely covered by her third eyelid and it is getting worse. her eye is weeping and slighly runny aswell. taken the cat to the vet but they havent prescribed or given any treatment except for the initial antibiotics.
Has anyone had this experience or have any suggestions as to what it might be. any posts will be gratefully received. thanks. fergus
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Welcome to TheCatSite.

I would be concerned too.
How long has it been since your vet looked at your kitty's eye?
Has it gotten worse since last seen by your vet?

In my humble opinion, if your sweeties eye is not healing or getting worse, I would definitely want a vet to take another look at it or explain what is going on with it.

Other members might have some more feedback for you about this.
Be sure to keep us updated.
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Definitely go back to the vet for the eye problem. The cat may need topical antibiotics or some further tests.
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I'm having the same problem w/ Winchester, one of my FIP cats. In his case, it could be FIP-related. Or it could be something else. He did have a case of worms, and according to some of the info I read online, worms can sometimes have an effect on the eyes. The only way to know for sure is to have him checked by your vet. I took Winchester into my vet yesterday, and we're waiting for some test results to come back..

I hope there's nothing seriously wrong w/ your furbie!

Here's a link that may help..


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