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I'm not sure: are we all girls here, or we have guys in the party as well??? :homer:
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Boy (last I checked, anyway)
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nice to meet you!...
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Nunny - they are few and far between, but they are all keepers on this site. Other gentlemen include Imagyne, WOEll to just name 2 off the top of my head.
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Yes, there used to be others, but now we are more rare and thus vastly more precious...

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And thank you, nunny. Pleased to meet you as well!
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yes Bill you are rare, and I always look forward to your posts!
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Thanks, Hiss.
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Bill - I really miss you when you don't post!

I can't believe I forgot to add Mr. Cat!
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Hi Bill! Men can be good for somethings ,sometimes! Hee hee hee
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I haven't seen or heard from Mr.Cat since I left a loooong time ago I wonder how he is doing? He was such a blast!!

I haven't gotten the chance to really get to know Bill since I just came back to visiting - so Bill.. it is a pleasure to meet you
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