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Enzyme toothpaste?

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Hey folks,

I recieved an order of pet stuff today and among it was an enzadent fingerbrush and chicken flavor toothpaste kit that I ordered.

Well, I tried it on my three and they all hated it to varying degrees... But when I finished with two of them, the fingerbrush had what looked like a small amount of blood on it (and I was brushing as gently as I could). I got this to help my cat's dental health but I don't want to use it if it will be hurt them.

My questions for you guys are:

1. Have you used an enzyme toothpaste on your cat? If so, what brand and does it seem to help w/ tartar buildup?

2. How often do you brush their teeth?

3. Have you seen blood on your toothbrush and why do you think this happens? Gengivitis, etc.?

4. If you did see blood on your toothbrush, has this improved since you've been brushing their teeth?

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I use an enzymatic toothpaste for both my cat and dog. I try to brush their teeth nightly, but it usually ends up being every other night. The only times I see blood on the brush (and only a very minor amount) is when I haven't brushed my dog's teeth in a long while. Then when I go back to doing it, it starts bleeding. Just a bit.

Her teeth is in excellent shape, so it's not gingivitis that's causing the bleeding. I compare it to how when people first start to floss, they usually find a hint of blood on their floss because they're not used to it, but with time, the bleeding stops.

What is the condition of your cats' teeth?
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Thanks KatGoddess,

Their teeth look ok to me, 2 of them are kittens (right a 1 yr, 2 months) their teeth still look white. My third cat is an adult (he's 4 if I go by the age the shelter gave me, but he looks a little older than that to me, maybe 5). The adult cat's teeth do show some tartar (not a lot) and he was one of the ones that bled a little when I brushed.

I'm hoping that by starting a regular brushing routine, I will not have to get their teeth cleaned at the vet's as often (they usually come down with something after visiting the vet office).

Thanks again,
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