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What kind of Cat Carrier shoul we get?

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We need to get one before we Move to the House. I was looking at a pink one but the Sphynx might be a Male. What type of Carrier is good. We have a big one we used to bring the Cats here 3 years ago. My Brother took the small one and wrecked it. We are Moving soon.
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I'd go with a medium size one. I had a small one for my rexes - but Charlie outgrew that one by the time he was 1 yr old and so I had to go buy the medium size.

My carriers are beige color so fits either sex I usually put a blue or pink towel in there depending on sex. I also own a softsided black one and the hard carrier.
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I have one Medium Carrier but its to big for 2 of my Cats because they are small.
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IMO its better to be a little too big then too small. Your cat should be fine in a medium carrier - you can put a small cardboard flat box with towels in there to take up room.
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My cats are very petite but I have a small and medium crate. I don't use the small one anymore. I used it for them when they were like 2 pound kittens. Now I use a medium crate that's fit for up to 20 or so pounds. They prefer to be in the same crate, which might not be good for someone else, but they are sisters who are extremely close and it works for us.
It's a sturdy plastic crate. I wouldn't use an all wire one. Too much of a possibilty of limbs poking out of the wires and getting injured.
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I have two medium sized hard plastic carriers. Right now, I use one for both of my kittens whenever I take them to the vet. There is a lot of space leftover still, so I put the soft kitty bed that I made for them (they like to sleep in it) in the carrier, so that they will be more comfy and not have so much extra space.

I acquired the second carrier (was given to me actually, whoo!) so that when they are bigger, I will be able to take them both somewhere in their own carrier.

I like the medium sized hard plastic ones. They are not too expensive. One of mine is dark brown and tan and the other is a soft blue-green and tan. They are nice looking and gender neutral.

I can't wait to see photos of your Sphynx when you get him/her!
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