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Coco has another urine test on Sat

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She finished her last pill last night. i am hoping the problem is gone because she has been on 3 types of Antibiotics since May.
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Good luck, I hope everything is fine for little Coco. I know how you feel, I have 2 of them thats predisposed to UTI, its not easy, everytime they go into their litter box, I'm on pins and needles.

Prayers and for Coco.
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Its at 9:50 on Sat.
they always seem to come back with Coco.
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With my Patch also, he had a P.U. operation in February, by April he had a partial block Struvite stone in his bladder, they had to operate on him, he has had his troubles. I leave bowls of water all over the house to make him drink more. If it happens again, I'll look into a supplement I heard about that might slow it up a bit.

Good luck again to you and Coco.
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The good part is she is a girl so the crystals past. She had Strovite Stones in 2006 that went away with S/D. She had Crystals this time also but the problem came from her Depo Shot for Asthma. I hope Patch will not have any more problems.
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Thanks I hope Coco won't have any more problems either.
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Which Cat is Patch?
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The last one to the right with the little squiggy on his forehead.
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He is Cute.
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Thanks. Yours are very cute too.
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Thanks I am getting a Sphynx also.
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A Sphynx, how nice, they're beautiful cats, good luck him/her.
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I never had a pure bred before. They are due July 22 and I am number 4 on the waiting list. How old are your Cats?
Coco is 16
Meeko 8
Sasha will be 2 Aug 24
Oreo will be 1 Aug 29
Stormy would have been 6 on Aug 1
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Oh, you must be so excited waiting for the kitties to be born.

Molasses is 10 - June 1998
Cinnimon is 10 - June 1998 - Molasses' sister
Patch is 4 - April 2004
Wheezer is 4 - April 2004

Then I took in kittens that were born in my back yard I couldn't find homes for them so I kept mama and kittens. Kind of crazy having 9 cats but what could I do. I got attached to them while I was taking care of them their mother Sweetie was sick at the time she must have belonged to someone because I found her in my garage with an embedded collar under her arm.

Through all that she was such a good little mother, she never missed feeding them even though she was so sick.

Sweetie - approx. 7 yrs.
Molly - 3 - January 2005
LeLe - 3
Squeeker - 3
Lulu - 3

Sorry for the long explanation. By the way, how do you put the names of your cats on the pictures?

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Request a Tag with your Cats name on it.
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Thank you I apprciate that and again good luck tomorrow with Coco.

Prayers and
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Coco had her urine test and the Vet will call on Monday with the results.
I can not wait to get my Sphynx.
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Good luck for Monday, Special prayers for Coco.

When you get your new little kittie, please post some pictures, I would love to see her/him.
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I will post Pics when I pick one and the breeder sends me them.
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