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Minstrel would have been 15 today

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My best friend, crossed to the bridge on 2nd May, she should have been 15 today.

I can count on 1 hand the days I HAVENT cried... she was my friend, my shoulder to cry on, my hot water bottle when it was cold at night ... I still miss her SOO much!

Reading through the other threads on here though, I know she isnt alone, she will be playing with all the others at the Bridge...

Play well Minstrel
Still love and miss you sooo much!!
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RIP Minstrel Enjoy your birthday at the Rainbow Bridge sweetheart
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So sorry you still feel Sad. Aug 1 would have been my Stormys Bday. I am dreading that day also.
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hope she has a wonderful birthday at the RB
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Your baby Minstrel is playing happily over the bridge I hope time will heal the pain in your heart. I know you will always miss her, just like how I will always miss Wukong, but we know that we'll see them over the bridge some day *hug*
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Rest in Peace Minstrel.
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well, of course you still miss her - it's only been a few months! i still miss Mouse at times, & it's been 3.5 years since she left me
to you during your time of mourning... & a for Minstrel
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Those sad anniversaries, such as birthdays and holidays, can really bring on the tears. It is so sad to be left behind. Try to think of your dear Minstrel over RB, frolicking with all our other RB kitties and giving purrs and headbutts to our RB friends and family Sending healing vibes out to you
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Im so sorry your hurting .... As I have learned recently there are no words so please accept my hugs
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