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do your cats wear a collar?

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I have them for both my kitties, but they don't wear them around the house....Rocky will eventually just get it off himself because he hates it so much..silly boy...how about your kitties?
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moe and neo wore then when they were little but then they figured out how to take them off...so they don't wear them :LOL: they used to put there paw in the collor and push until the safty clasp released!! the outside guys doesn't because I don't want them getting caught on anything.
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So they don't wear collars. I am getting them all micro-chipped though. With all the hair no-one would see a color anyway! LOL
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Mine both wear collars with their rabies tags on them. They are indoor cats, but I worry that they might get out, and if they do, I want someone to be able to return them. And the little bell lets me (and each other) know where they are in the house. Fortunately neither of them complained at all, because I told them how lovely they looked in their new gear.
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I tried at first to put a collar on Max, but he would stick his paw underneath the collar and I thought he would choke himself. He is totally an indoor cat and seems afraid of outside. He never tries to go out. I have wondered about the micro chip though. Does it hurt them?

Max's Mommy
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Willie does wear a collar... he's an indoor kitty, but I've heard too many stories about escaping kitties lately. It has a safety clasp, but he hasn't figured out how to get it off, although he still sometimes remembers he has it on and itches at it.

Mocha doesn't yet, but I'll get him/her one too in a week or two. S/he is FAR more likely to try to make a run for it than Willie!
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Both Daisy and Venus have collars. i put a tag with my name and address AND telephone on it, just in case. (For example, for Venus' collar, the first line reads: Venus' Mom - Shirley)

Daisy is microchipped, and i finally got an answer from the rescue center that Venus is not. So, i have to get her microchipped asap.

They are both indoor kitties, but i do bring them out with me, like taking short car rides, grocery shopping, parks,etc. So, i put on their collars. This way, they are easily identifiable.

When they are at home, they don't wear collars, for comfort's sake.

Actually, i love getting the cool and neat collars fo my babies. My favorite is a soft collar with piano design. It is Daisy's.

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Aall four of my cats wear collars. You will never know how many times I have had to replace their collars because they wear the break away ones and even though they are strictly indoors only they still manage to loose their collars inside. By either rough housing or running about in the drop ceiling in our basement and loosing them there. I think I've replaced Rockets(my Abyssinian) alone at LEAST 7 times. So you take the cost of each collar plus the cost of the ID tags, plus the fact that I have to go 45 mintues to get this stuff each time, well it does add up..... then you have to realize that I have four cats that tend to loose their collars pretty much once each week and I'm the type of mom who doesn't like to leave my cats without some type of ID so now I have a drawer in my jewlery box, dedicated to cat collars and ID tags. I have an extra collar and ID tag for each cat just in case they loose the one they have. pretty strange huh?
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Our cat wears a reflecting, breakaway collar with a tag all the time (he's an indoor cat who goes outside on the leash), plus a dog harness when he's outside. He has been tattooed, but not microchipped yet (he's very aggressive at the vets' office, so I'm grateful when they can manage to give him his shots without too much blood being shed). I'm planning on getting him chipped in May, which will mean an extra visit, since his shots aren't due until July. Shots and a microchip have just proved to be impossible.
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Only Grayski has one ,when I can get it on him!
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All three of ours have collars, with bells. I haven't gotten ID tags for them yet, although I'm sure most of the neighbors would know who they belong to anyway (as they're always in the windows)but I plan to. If I have the money, I'm going to get Tiger and Jorin microchipped when they go in for their 1 year checkup, and Boo whenever I get the chance. It's nice hearing the bells, since when I hear the bells stop I know they're getting into mischeif! They rarely get their collars off, usually when we're gone for a few days and they don't get much attention. They start rough-housing around and someone's collar comes off in the battle. The only time we remove the collars is when it's time for Advantage.
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