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?? for ladies

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Has anyone used or is anyone currently using the Nuvaring? I have been for over 2 years and am thinking about stopping all birth control altogether. Are the side effects (weight gain, moodiness, etc.) true? Just wondering if my own experiences were true side effects or just coincidental. I also have to do some considerable budget cutting and this is an expensive drug for me.

I'm just wondering what your experiences with it are and if there are benefits of going off of birth control.

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I have been on it for the last 2.5 years. The side effects aren't supposed to be as bad with the NuvaRing as with other birth controls. I couldn't tell you any good things about going off birth control, just one very bad consiquence of going off birth control. KIDS!

I would like to hear what other women have experienced after going off BC. I'm only 21 so going off BC isn't going to be happening any time soon.
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Why not go with Condoms and Contraceptive Foam? Not only do the condoms act as a birth control method, but it's also a safer sex method when it comes to disease. Paired with contraceptive foam, the effectiveness is better than birth control pills. And you don't put yourself at risk for blood clots, or mess with your own hormones, and you don't have all of the awful symptoms of it either.
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I am a current user of the NuvaRing, but only for the past 3 months. My gyno gave me four to start with to try, before making a final decision and so far I like it. I do not feel it during intercourse, nor does my husband, and it has not slipped out. I also haven't had the mood swings, or other various complications others talked about. Then again, I switched from Ortho Evra (the patch), which has a LOT more hormones than the ring.

I use an empty tampon applicator (Playtex Gentle Glide works very well...Tampax Pearl will NOT work) to insert the ring and it works like a charm.
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
I would like to hear what other women have experienced after going off BC. I'm only 21 so going off BC isn't going to be happening any time soon.
I went off BC pills at the end of February after 17 years on them. The short version of the story is that they found out I had had some mini strokes due to a disease that has narrowed the carotid arteries in my neck. They took me off the pill due to the risk of blood clots and started me on aspirin therapy. So bear in mind that I went off the pill suddenly in mid-cycle so I probably had it worse than most.

I definitely was moodier than usual. Not suicidal or anything, but more like a really bad bout of PMS. I also definitely had an increased libido. I didn't gain any weight, but I've been dieting and I didn't lose any either. (Several people I know said they gained weight when they went off, though.) It lasted a couple of months. By the end of April I was pretty much back to normal moodwise and started slowly losing weight again.
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If you are using the pill as contraception, the side effects of going off of it are pretty obvious in that respect.

But, with the newer BC (which are all way low-dose) and Nuvaring which is even lower dose, you shouldn't have very bad "withdrawal" because there really isn't much difference hormonally.

I take BC also because my periods are horrifying and bad (go through the supposedly highest absorbencies in like an hour), and if the BC has helped you in that respect you will go right back to having them like that again.

As for weight gain, I've never heard that, but then everyone I know who went off the pill was doing it to get pregnant.

Maybe you could go back to a low-dose pill, which should be a lot cheaper than Nuvaring?
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