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Urinary Tract Infection

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I went to scoop the litter boxes last night and found urine on the mat in front of one box.

I will be honest and say I slacked with scooping this week.

I immediately cleaned it up and cleaned litter boxes and added fresh litter.

I decided to leave both cats in the basement with the litter boxes last night. We are renting and the only other room without carpet is the kitchen where there is no way to keep both cats in.

My husband was working in the basement last night and after I scooped watched both cats use the litter box without issues.

I checked on them this morning and found no urine and both boxes used. I scooped immediately.

In your opinion, was it because the box was a mess? Jack has been with us for almost nine months and has never peed out of the box. Harley has been with us for about 7 weeks and never gone out of the box. Jack is just about a year old Harley is about 17 months old.

I'm going to continue to keep them in the basement until I determine what is going on--and I will be much more dilligent about scooping.

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It probably is because the box was dirty, cats are very funny about the smells from there boxes and since it was on the mat right next to the box I think that was it. It might never happen again. However, it wouldn't hurt to keep watching for a while to make sure it isn't UTI. I have two with UTI and when I find one little puddle I usually find a few more around, not any where near their box. Good luck.
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Was the puddle outside the box a good size? If so, it might not be a UTI. UTI kitties usually leave lots of small puddles, but rarely any large sized ones (at least, that's how Scotty is with a UTI).

But to be sure, monitoring your cat's bathroom habits will help eliminate that worry.
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I'll keep watching and when we aren't home I'll leave them in the basement. They have their bowls down there and toys and with how hot it is, the basement is very cool which they love!

It was definitely a fair amount of pee, and when scooping didn't seem to find any small clumps. Both drink a lot, have wet food once a day so the clumps aren't piddles by any means.

I'll keep a close eye and report back. Thanks for the help

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MAYBE This is a possibility...

Same thing happened to me last month, & was happening almost every other day to every day... I would go to scoop in the morning and or evening and the mat in front of the box would be WET

Then there I was also finding urine when I'd pull the box out on the sides of the box... realizing it was coming out the sides

I had 1 boy that had a history of UTI & got worried...

THEN I watched it HAPPEN once... 1 of the cats was no longer a squatter but was peeing right out the opening of the box...

So I started to research the high side boxes, but they still had the low front opening, I researched the 'cleavercat' box... had a thread where I inquired about it. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=170678

I threw away all cat boxes, mats, in the boxes that are hidden I have the clear sterilite ones which i like better, but in the kitchen, I have the non clear rubbermaid, which works out better for that room

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We use rubbermaids as well. But I have a hole cut out the front of them--Jack always pees directly in front of the hole (on the inside). I scooped twice today, boxes had been used, no pee on the mat or anywhere else in the basement. I'm still gonna keep them in the basement when not supervised. I really can't risk pee on the carpet of this rental house--they really didn't want a cat in the first place, and they don't know we know have two.

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