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How about...

getting the car washed? lol
going swimming?
going for a BBQ? lol I'm running out of ideas!
going on a date?
going looking for a date?
using a public loo?
mountain biking?
climbing a tree? Nah, that's silly.
walking the dog?
walking the ferret?
horse riding?
rock climbing?
going to the library?
going on holiday?
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public speaking????
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Their Weight
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Originally Posted by mistressotdark View Post
its an activity..not done in a house..yard.etc.
Good grief that could be anything.

Eating in public?
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
you got it
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yes its driving!
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Haha total blind guess, or maybe not
It's the only thing I really stress about, I get panic attacks when I get boxed in in traffic.
So I thought, why the heck not
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I must say that I'm surprised that the answer wasn't "Their period!"
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