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Happy Birthday Heidi! Here's a present for ya!

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Happy Birthday! I hope your having the best day possible
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Thank you so much everyone!

Up until about 5:40 it was just another day at work. Bleh.

But Earl did really good this year! I came home and he told me to come upstairs. On my computer chair is a really sweet gushy card, a dozen of the coolest roses ever, and a giant cookie with frosting decoration! The roses are so dark red, they are almost black. Yeah, he knows I don't really like flowers much, but black roses are a whole 'nother thing! They are so gorgeous! (I'll have to take pics of them tomorrow.) And for years I've been not-so-subtle about wanting a cookie-cake instead of a regular cake. I like regular cake for about 1 piece and then I'm done, and then he ends up eating the rest of my cake. He FINALLY got the hint and got what I wanted!

Then we went out to Macaroni Grill for my birthday dinner. It was so good, and even though we had them box up over half of our dinners, I almost had to be rolled out of there. I thought about trying to sneak the rest of the bottle of their house Chianti (you know, the BIG bottle!) into the to-go bag, but Earl just laughed at me.

The last part of my birthday excursion is going to see The Dark Knight on Saturday morning. He may be the comic book geek, but I really want to see this movie too.
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Aww what a really nice birthday. I am so glad it was a good one for you
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hope it's memorable!
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happy birthday!
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Sounds like a great end to the day!

Happy birthday Heidi, I hope the next year is better for you
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Happy Birthday Heidi! Sounds like the end of your day was very nice. I LOVE Macaroni Grill, LOL!
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That sounds like a lovely birthday celebration, Heidi. Here's hoping it kicks off a great year.
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