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Is my kitten's size normal for her age?

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Our kitten Lyra was brought to us from the wild at about 5 weeks old. She seems perfectly healthy now; she runs around the house and gets into just about anything she can as any kitten would, but I was just wondering if she's progressing normally as far as her size goes. She's around 4 months old now and she still seems pretty tiny to me. I've raised other cats and I'm pretty sure by 4 months they were much bigger than Lyra. Maybe she's just going to be a small cat, I'm not sure. I would just like to get a second opinion to see what someone else thinks.. :/

Here's a few pictures:
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She is bigger then mine were at that age.
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It's always hard to tell size from pictures. Usually cats weigh around 1lb for each month of age, so you'd expect her to be roughly 4lbs. But cats do vary greatly in size and she could just be a small cat, especially if she had a rough start.
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My LeLe is just like her, she is from a 4 cat litter and she is so much tinier then her brother and 2 sisters. They're all fully grown but she still looks like a kitten. The Vet said she is fine and healthy. She's just a small cat.
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Oh my - what a very pretty Brown Patched Tabby/white girl! You should show her (if she's spayed)

Anyway, she looks like she's normal size - kinda "oriental" looking so she would probably not be a big cat when grown. As long as she's eating well, drinking, using the box, she seems fine to me.

She may only be a 7-8 lb girl when grown
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She looks great to me & She is TOO CUTE!
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My cat Zebra was only 5 pounds when she was about 1½ years old. She is now over 3 years old and is 7 pounds. This is her (the grey one) beside my other cat Milo who is about 11-12 pounds.

The vet said that she is fine because she is healthy.
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Thank you so much everyone.

I think she's probably just going to be a small cat.
When we took her in, we weren't sure if her mother was even around or feeding her properly, so that may have something to do with it. :/ She was reeeally tiny then, but now she eats more than our older cats. She pushes them out the way to get to their food! So I think she's perfectly healthy, I was just curious about her size.

Thanks again for the help, I appreciate it.
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Yep, I agree she'll just be a small cat. She's bigger than both my cats were at that age.
Polly is 2 years old, about 7 pounds (just an estimate), and looks very kitten-ish compared to Molly. Molly's from the same litter and is a couple pounds bigger. She's still small compared to many other cats, though.
I think she'll be just fine. My petite girls are very healthy. They're Siamese, and even though they're traditional (as opposed to the more extreme modern type) but still naturally they have light figures as well.
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