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Cat acting weird

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she is usually hyper and playful but we started giving her baths because of a flea problem and she got scared and ran into some fans and jumped around and split her nose and it was bleeding and she was breathing heavy but she is breathing normal now but still laying around...
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She is prolly scared......is her nose bleeding because she hit it and the skin is broken?....Or a bloody nose like being punched.
If the skin is broken, a little time will help, and it will scab. If it is the other you need to be watching her. And making sure she is doing normal cat stuff like she always does.
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yea thats what i thought but when ever we try to get her to do something he gos and sleeps on her bed and she wont eat much at all..
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Take her in. If the fleas are bad enough, the cat could be anemic.
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Did you use a flea shampoo to bathe her in? Is so, that could be a reason for her being lethargic.
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