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stupid question on feeding

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ok Angels baby (still has no name as I am letting my daughter name him and she doesn't know we are keeping him yet) is 8 weeks old today so has been out of my room more and more lately to get him used to being out with everyone else. he is loving it BUT here is my problem......

how can I still feed him kitten food with out the other 3 cats and now also Angel ( since she isn't nursing as much and does NOT need the extra calories since she is getting a bit chunky and think even bigger or as big as she was when she went in for her c-section! LOL) to not eat the kitten food????

I have the kitten food in my room and put the kitten back in there here and there right now and have seen him eating the adult food and he drinks that water fine but pretty soon he won't be in my room at all but not sure how to have him on kitten food and the other 4 cats on adult food???? how does everyone else do it?????
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I guess it depends on how lax your are with your other cats. For me, when I have brought new kittens home, I have just given them the kitten dry food to free feed all day, and then give some soft once a day. However, depending on the kitten, they may ask for my wet since it's much tastier LOL. I know mine asked for more ALL the time. I just make sure the little ones get enough and let the other munch if they want.

I'm pretty relaxed about feeding times because as we all know, cats can be pigs and will eat whenever food is present. You can always supervise feeding times too, and make sure the baby is getting enough. This is an option not always easy for those who work.
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i didn't worry about keeping the kitten out of the adult food... i worried about keeping the adults out of the kitten food!
i fed Firefox her special glop in the bathroom with the door closed [this was after she had free run of the house]. it got so i would fix it, start to walk that direction, & she'd beat me there
if she wanted to nibble kibble in between, i didn't worry about it - it was perfectly good food, & i knew she was getting plenty of kitten stuff in her wet feedings.
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oh I don't mind him eating the adult food I am also worried about the adults eating his food. Guess I worded it wrong. LOL I meant that I have seen him eat their food so know he isn't starving all day but I still want him to eat his and have those extra calories.....

I am lax on feedings and basically free feed but I have 1 cat that is already overweight and angel is getting there since she isn't nursing as much and they do NOT need the kitten food at all....

so maybe just have the kitten still go in my room a couple times a day with his food and let him snack on the adult food during the day? how long should kittens be on kitten food?
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You might consider feeding everyone an all stages dry food, then you could free feed them all and it wouldn't matter who ate what. Some dry foods are all stages, like EVO and Wellness Core and some others. I don't know which ones for sure, but there are quite a few that are safe for all ages.

Maybe that would help?
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If you have overweight cats, you might want stop free-freeding for them, put a very small hole in a very big box so only your kitten can get in. That way the kitten can free-feed kitten food, and everyone else only eats at meals. Now, I've never done this, but I'm pretty sure I've read about it on this forum, so you should be able to find some threads or some people with some experience with this.
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most places/people will say feed kitten food for a year. personally, i did not, because of the adult issue. but i feed a fairly good quality dry & wet.
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wow GREAT idea on the box!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought of that.

The overweight cat is actually not at the food dish that much she is just old and lazy!!!!!! just sleeps all day and walks to go to the bathroom, get a snack and drink then back to bed..... LOL the food dish is right where I work (I work from home) and I maybe see her twice a day getting a snack.... LOL so that is why I still free feed.....
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I feed at all at the same time. In different locations. The adults get their food first to keep them preoccupied and then the kittens get theirs. They eat high quality canned food and the others eat raw so I am not as worried about them getting into it for themselves. I worry more about the kittens not getting enough food.
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