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Tuesday DT"S

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Good Morning!!Still snowie but be Thursday it is going to be in the 50's again.AH!I am going to apply for a job,at a state park today,might be a fun summer job,then I could get unempolyment for the winter!WE have to go do your taxes today,bad,we will have to pay some in,thats why we haven;t done it yet! No since giving them our hard earned money,intill we have to!!!!!!anyone else not down yet? Have a good day everyone! Be safe!
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I'm having a thicko day today. Brain is on go-slow (might be something to do with the lack of sleep I'm currently experiencing).

Spelling is up the swannie and I am sending emails to clients missing attachments and getting quotes wrong - sheesh!!

It's TRUE - I often joked about being a silly pregnant women with your brains dropping out - but I have been so absent-minded recently I'm beginning to believe it can happen!!!!

Seriously, if I hadn't re-read this post and left all the typos in, you'd have thought it wasn't in English!!!

Off to preggie yoga tonight. That is my one 'me-only' time during the week, can't wait.
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Weather is still cold, but none of the evil white stuff falling from the sky. Originally we were supposed to have a nice warm weekend, but it has been switched toa high 40's low 50's. I guess that'll do. I am sure in no time I will be complaining about the heat. There really is no pleasing me!

I think I had a bad reaction to strawberries or frozen yogurt from last night, my tummy is in pain. Ugh. I hate stomach issues.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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Hey everybody! I keep thinking today is Wednesday! I am in a weird mood today - I have some disco music playing and I am bopping in my seat! I am still sore from the ice removal, but doing much better. Hope everyone is having a great day!
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Hope everyone has a great day! My fiance is feeling better from yesterday, so I'm happy. He was very cute when he was thanking me "for taking care of him" yesterday! Awww . . .
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Well, my tattoo is healing nicely, and I had an exciting day today. I found out a few weeks ago that I got a summer job, well, a traineeship at my university's pr and information department. The actual traineeship is for May and June, but I'm already starting out as a freelance writer, the articles are in English of course, since that's my major. Anyhow, I have no experience of this type of writing, or interviewing people, so even though my first interview went well, it's been really difficult to start writing the article. Today's been a breakthrough though, had my second interview regarding another topic for another article, but also finally managed to start writing the first one! It's been and still is nerve wrecking, because I have no experience of this, and I only got very vague instructions and was mainly left on my own to do the work. Will know how I've done when I send the first draft to the editor of the magazine, wish me luck!
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Good luck to anyone who need's it today!!!
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Darn! Another warm sunny day! The pets are just hanging out and so am I.
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Sounds like a rough life! My husband started a new job yesterday. We moved recently to a smallish town in Arizona, and he had some trouble finding a job that would pay decently. I'm still looking. I've applied for a job working with mentally handicapped people, and I think it would be pretty rewarding. Wish me luck!
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Just got off work!! Now it's laundry time! Yay? I slept for more than 9 hours and I'm still extremely sleepy. Dunno whats wrong with me?

Grocery shopping tonight, and then rest and relaxation I think. My trainer is going on vacation so I'll have to meet with a completely different trainer.. I dunno how that's gonna be?

Kansas lost last night by three points. I felt like crying for my boys, they were crying (it was their last year of college), and their coach was crying too because he was really close with his seniors and it was their last game, AND they lost.

It was a sad weepy moment for all of us - and I'm just a fan!

I'm pretty late posting on this, so I hope all of you have had a wonderful day :P
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