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Help needed

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Hi everyone

I need help, Aslan and have just recetly moved, he is generally a nervy cat but he seems more so i this house even though there are people there he knows, he seems startled even by any noise like the ranch slider opening.
He also tends to hy away from people he knows who go to pat him, this he usually only does with strangers.

Any advice would be appeciated.
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Aslan is in new surroundings which is very upsetting to a cat. It does not matter if there are people he knows. The new smells, the different way things look, are overwhelming to him. Find a place where he can feel safe. Let him check out things at his own pace. If he hides, let him be. Put his favorite toys, food, water, box where he can reach them without being startled.
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Cats aren't big on change. Make sure he has an area that is set up for him with his litter, food and water and if he has a bed put that there as well. you might also put something of yours wherever he sleeps so that he has your scent as well. I use a nightshirt or sweatshirt after I have worn it. Surround him with the familiar smells and he will start to calm down. The problem will start to go away as your new place begins to take on your smells. Let him have his space and he will get comfortable soon.
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