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It's almost been a month since Bellah went to the bridge. Many changes have happened. We adopted Grace and another kit that sort of spoke to me while I was signing the adoption papers ... her name is Bridget. Grace wasn't happy here so she went back to the shelter after 10 days of living on my pantry shelf.

Bridget is doing well and has adopted me ... This past Monday we adopted another kit named Tessa. Serena ( who was never to be a long term kit with us ) went home last weekend.

Now we have our final mix Patches , Bridget , Tessa and of course Zeus our dog skin rug.

The days are getting easier .... I only fill up once a day now when I talk about her. I'm getting to the point that the good memories are able to come out and the sadness is more in check.

None of this is my doing... I think Bridget knows that I'm sad or something. She sleeps with me and spends allot of time with me. She has been a huge part of mending my heart.

This is making me tear up so I'm going to stop now.... Ill probably write more in the coming months.
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*hugs to you* I know how sad it is to lose a kitty. Bellah has given you much love and comfort, and I think even in her death, she knew you'd need some warmth, and sent lovely little Bridget. Bridget isn't Bellah's replacement, I believe no cat can replace another... They all have such different personalities... But Bridget sounds like such a sweet, understanding girl with the perfect disposition to comfort you and pull that smile back on your face once more. Bellah certainly has a paw in helping Bridget find you, she certainly would not want to see you sad and crying. Keep staying strong for the sake of your family (fur and skin), we're with you all the way.
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One year later ... it still hurts... I still miss her beyond words.

My new Church ( Catholic ) says animals don't have a soul... Unless Jesus himself comes down from above and tells me that I wont believe it.

I still miss you my Bellah ... and when I get to heaven , I know you will be there waiting for me.

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Originally Posted by luvmyfurbabys View Post

I still miss you my Bellah ... and when I get to heaven , I know you will be there waiting for me.

if you want her there, she'll be there... otherwise, it wouldn't be heaven. this is what i truly believe - i think we'll be reunited with ALL of our loved ones, including pets.
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Sorry to those who believe in that school of thought, but I think its egoistic to say that only humans have souls and animals do not. God created us ALL - from aphids to humans to whales, and of course, our beloved kitty cats. It doens't make sense that humans are the only ones who have a soul and are entitled to go to Heaven. Anyway, its not my intention to start a huge debate here because this is a tribute to lovely sweet Bellah.

Don't think, even for a minute, that you won't see Bellah when you cross over, because she will be there waiting to greet you and the two of you can pick up where you left off. And when that day comes, it will be the start of an eternity together. I believe that to be true for me and my precious baby boy Wukong as well.
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I am sorry for your loss R.I.P Bellah
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I am so sorry about your Bellah Good luck with Grace - and no, it is not too soon if her adoption comes from your heart
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