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I'm so excited! Our garden is growing!!

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We finally planted a garden this year and it is taking off! Last week, DH brought in the first cucumber which was only pickle size, but yesterday he brought in 3 HUGE cucumbers! They quadrupled in size in a few days! Our tomatoes plants now have tomatoes where a few days ago there were only little yellow flowers! I've never really had a garden before, so I'm amazed how quickly vegetables grow. I have to go up and check our squash, but we had blooms on it last week so we may actually have some almost ready! With the price of vegetables now a days, I'm SO happy we actually go it in this year. And, let me tell you, those cucumbers were the BEST I have ever tasted (because they were free!)

Just had to share.
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Yay! Fresh just picked vegies are the best you'll ever eat, and you have such satisfaction when you grow them yourself.
Isn't it amazing how quickly stuff will grow?
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I love gardening too (hence all the sunflower pics )

Isn't it just the best feeling in the world to grow your own food and flowers?
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The hotter it is, the quicker veggies grow. Provided that you water everything, of course.

I just brought in a couple more yellow squash earlier. My juvie turtles finally lost interest in the squash growing in their pen, so there's more for us.... unfortunately it doesn't look like they want to share the green beans now.
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Have ya'll had any rain? Most gardens here are drying up because of drought. Rows and rows of corn that are just waist high. Only irrigated fields are making crops.
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We've had an unusual amount of rain so my veg garden looks really good. Except we haven't had any hot weather so the pepper plants are still pretty small and I don't think the eggplant has grown at all!! My tomato plants have a pretty good fruit set already-I should have planted them (all 27 survivors) a bit further apart. And the corn looks really good.
I've only had to water once which is pretty good as I have pretty sandy soil. We got almost 6" of rain this month so far and rain in forcast through monday.
Downside-many weeds!!
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Oooo! Fresh garden veggies!!! My Grandparents are big gardeners so I grew up eating good like that. I miss it here!
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I only have tomatoes but I am a first year gardener and I am so happy! Last week I got my first fruits and they are growing super fast. We got lots of rain last week but because of the drought I have had to water them myself every other day or so. Looks like we'll get some more rain this weekend. I hope so!!!

I can't wait to bite into my first tomato. Maybe some fresh mozzarella and basil on top drizzled with some balsamic vinegar......
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