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Giving my cat a good home

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First let me introduce myself. My name is Chris and I've had a 4 year old polydactyl since he was a kitten by the name of "Dega".

Anyway, a brief back history is I inherited Dega from a previous relationship I was in. I am admittedly not a cat person. However I never had the heart to take him to the pound because there was no guarantee he'd be adopted.

Currently I'm at a transitional point in my life where I'm looking to move. I can't take him with me however because the place I'm looking at doesn't allow pets. I'd like to find him a good home but don't know where to start. I've asked my friends and the ones who have pets don't want anymore. I'd like to find him a family who will be a good fit.

He's had his shots and is neutered and friendly. Litter box trained and doesn't spray. He hasn't been declawed and has been an indoor cat his whole life.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Honestly if anyone here would like to adopt him that would be great too.

Thanks for reading.
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Where do you live and why don't you just look for a place that DOES allow cats? I wouldn't even bother looking somewhere if they didn't allow me to take my pets with me. Plus if I only had one cat, I would take him anyways
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Well I'll be moving into a friend's house for a little while as I get settled - that's why I'm not looking for an apartment that allows pets. He's allergic to them and honestly doesn't care for them much either so that's out.
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Why not post a picture of him and your area of the country. That is most likely to get more hits and looks.
Just start a thread about him and put in the title (pics). Then you may get people to become more interested.
I understand your situation. At least you care enough to try to find him a good home and that is the responsible thing to do.
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you might try talking to your vet and see if they can help you find a match. You would have to find someone that is willing to keep him an indoor cat since not only does he not have experience with the great outdoors, but being declawed it would be very unsafe. Another thought is that you might find someone to foster him for you while you stay with a friend until you find your own place.
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Does your allergic friend have a basement or garage or spare bathroom that you can keep the cat in while you temporarily stay there?

Is there a family member or friend (like the friends you have with pets) that would be willing to just temporarily take care of the cat while you stay at this guy's house? Your friends might not permanently want another cat but if you give them money for food and everything the cat needs and agree to take the cat when you move into your own place, they would probably be a lot more willing to help you out.

Is it absolutely necessary to stay at this guy's house before finding your own apartment, or just more convenient?

The truth is, there are a TON of cats that need homes. Shelters are filled to capacity and many cats are put to sleep every day. For every family that adopts a cat from someone who doesn't really need to give away their own cat, that's own cat that could have been rescued from a shelter. When I adopted my first cat, I had 2 friends that were trying to re-home their own cats. I wouldn't take their cats because I didn't want to be any part of them giving up a pet that they agreed to care for.
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Folks, please read the posts. The OP has said he is not a cat person, inherited the cat, his friend is allergic and he just wants to find a good home for the cat which is admirable. Let's try to give him assistance with his problem instead of advice about how to keep a cat he doesn't really wish to keep.

Now, back on subject - I also suggest checking with your vet's office to see if they can help. There are others here who have much more experience and knowledge about places to go to for help with your problem. I'm sure some of them will be along soon.
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I would try the Vet also. Sometimes they know people that want a Cat.
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It would definitely be helpful if in your personal information you could put your location - like country, city, state, etc. There are people from all over the world that read these forums. Oh, yeah, and put a photo up of your kitty. People LOVE pictures.
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Thanks for the replies. I never thought of checking with his vet. I'll give that a go next week.

For those who asked I'm around Scranton, Pa (for fans of "The Office")

I have some pictures of Dega but don't have a host. Is there a way to attach them to the message? I didn't see the option here.
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Originally Posted by cswarman View Post
I have some pictures of Dega but don't have a host. Is there a way to attach them to the message? I didn't see the option here.
i think you have to have more posts to do attachments.
To get full Adult Cat status you must have 100 posts and 30 days in membership
Then you get:
  • 20 stored PMs
  • 20 additional avatars to choose from
  • 40 Kb in uploaded attachments
  • Access to Cat Pages
  • Posting access to IMO, if over 18.
i use photobucket for hosting - it's free.
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I forgot I even had a photobucket account. lol

Anyway, here's a few "action" shots. Please forgive the pic quality, my digital camera has been through the ringer.

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He looks playful and very shiny. I hope you find someone who has some extra room.Good luck with that.
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I hope you find a home for your cat, he is very pretty
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Thanks for the compliments. No luck as of yet finding him a home. : /
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Sending mega TCS prayers and vibes that Dega finds a home - he is such a gorgeous beauty
I salute you for, although you do not consider yourself a cat-person, you did not give up on him and continue to look out for his best interests
Please keep us posted on how it goes
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