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I feel great right now!

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I feel great right now!! A few weeks ago, I overheard a guy where I work talking about poisoning the cats and their kittens that live outside under the storage trailers. He isn't an upper management employee, just some regular guy upstairs. He was telling one of the facilities guys that he was going to put rat poison out where the cats eat, and that "if they eat it, then too bad". I was LIVID!

There is a lady that works here who traps, fixes, and rehomes the cats and kittens here. She even does that away from work, and currently has two kittens waiting to finish socializing before she finds them homes too. I might check one of them out once we are back from vacation in August if she still has them. One of the leadership team guys mentioned he didn't want anyone to feed the cats or animals outside anymore, but the lady went up and told HR what she was doing and how it was helping. I offered to help her out by bringing in bags of chow or whatever, and suggesting a spay/neuter clinic nearby since it is discounted. She emailed them the email where I told her about the guy wanting to poison the cats - they called it hearsay.

So she found the guy and started talking about the cats. He said "Well SOMEONE has to take care of them!" And she said "oh, so you must be the guy who wants to poison them and kill them?" He said "you're da*n right"!!! So she went right back to HR and let them know he admitted it to her as well, and action was taken. The agreed to help her out with taking care of these cats and kittens, and let her continue what she is doing with feeding them and trapping, etc. She didn't realize I'm as passionate as she was! The first thought that came to my mind when I heard the guy talking about rat poison was "how would he like it if he had it in his coffee every morning?!?" She thought the exact same thing when he admitted his intentions! Haha. But of course, neither of us said that out loud to him, because it would be constituted as a threat. He contradicted himself by saying "I love animals and want things to be humane for them all, but I want to poison the cats to rid of the problem." What? How is that humane??

She thanked me repeatedly for bringing up the guy's threats. It helped her continue what she is doing, got that guy de-railed from his horrible plan, and she was so glad to find out how much I adore helping cats in any way I can. I feel wonderful, like I made a difference with something
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Nice going Tara!

I'd personally like to have a "word" with that idiot who was threatening to poison them. What a tool.....
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Wow, great job!
Doesnt it just make you sick to think about people out there that feel good about poisoning animals..grrr
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That's great what you did

But that doesn't mean that he still won't go ahead with his intentions though

I hope you guys manage to get them all away from there safely.
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I will never EVER understand how someone could be cruel to an animal in any way. Something did not develop in their brain obviously.
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Wow good for u!I would like to ring the blokes neck who said he would poison the cat and kittens , i do not understand some people!
Jess x
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Do you have a state law against abuse of domestic animals??? An animal control officer or animal shelter should know. The guy could get prosecuted!!
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I'm glad you are helping with those cats and kittens...that bloke needs a good kick up the butt, and maybe a prosecution to add too?

I hope the kitties find a safe place to live soon!
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The lady who traps and rehomes them had a few choice words with him, and made his plan very clear to the human resources office upstairs. So if any type of poison ends up outside, it will point directly to him. There are quite a few people who watch over the kitties out there, so there's plenty of eyes looking out for any type of rodent poison. He told her that since the upper management stated she could continue on with what she's doing, that she has all the time in the world.

We do have a state law against animal abuse. I think poisoning falls under "cruelly kills", IMO. Rat poison wouldn't be a pleasant way to die:
(B) Whoever tortures, torments, needlessly mutilates, cruelly kills, or inflicts excessive or repeated unnecessary pain or suffering upon any animal or by omission or commission causes the acts to be done for any of the offenses is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be punished by imprisonment of not less than one hundred eighty days and not to exceed five years and by a fine of five thousand dollars.
The lady has had to take rat poison in drug form, and it made her extremely sick (so she only took it for a day). She cant imagine a poor cat going through that.

My husband knows the guy who threatened the kitties, and says he's among the a*holes of the world. He's not a very liked person. It was all I could do not to give him a serious piece of my mind at the time (didn't know how it would turn out with the HR office if I went off my rocker on him!)

Luckily, by me mentioning that little overheard conversation, the company decided NOT to just ignore the cats - they had requested last week everyone stay away and not feed them anymore, and hope they went away. Now they are letting things be done properly and in the best interest of the cats. (And the best interest for themselves, if they only realized how passionate some of us are )
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It is sick the way some people thing that killing a creature is the right thing to do. someone poisoned my little Pom Sophie , a few months a go with rat poision, she lived, but she is left with congestive heart failure. I heard rumours it was my neighobur, trying to poison feral cats.
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As far as I'm concerned, people who abuse animals are the lowest form of life. Ever since I started volunteering for an animal shelter, my opinion of the human race has went down like 8000%, because of all the stories I've heard. Idiots who abuse animals are the same cowards who abuse babies or elderly people. They're worthless and should be exterminated off earth ASAP. OK, I'm done venting.....
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SportBikeMike, I couldn't agree more. Anyone that abuses anything smaller and weaker than themselves should go the the lowest level of hell.
I saw a mouse die from rat poison once and it was absolutely horrible. I can't even imagine what it would do to a cat or kitten.
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nice job Tara,
your apporach is much different then mine.
i would have warned him that something happens to the cats, he would be the one that i would come looking for..

i would have left rat posion out next to his locker, coffee, maybe put some around his car. but then again i look like a crazy biker dude. so that method works for me
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Well I figured the civil route would be the way to go first, since I love my job and would hate to lose it over scum like him!

Many thoughts of leaving rat poison by his stuff crossed my mind. I cant believe he thinks his method is "humane"
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