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Tritrichomonas question

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I would like information and experiences from any members out there who's cats have been diagnosed with Tritrichomonas, an emerging parasite in cats. Mine have it and were not able to tolerate the only medication that will get rid of it so I'm wondering what is down the road for these two. I have done a lot of research but I would love to hear from those who are actually dealing with it.
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Hi twokatz! I know we've already discussed this in length but I'm not sure if anyone else on this forum has much experience with TTF. When my kitten was diagnosed, I couldn't find anyone that had dealt with this before. Hopefully they just hadn't posted about it and will reply here. You can try the tffelines.com website as they have a contact email for Q&A. They're the only "support" group I know of. Good luck with your search and please keep me posted!
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What did you use and why couldn't they tolerate it?
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Ronidazole under the direction of my vet and Dr. Gookin. They quit eating, became ani-social and had Ataxia. There were other little things but the eating and not being able to balance when playing or track were the worst. It took 5 days before I could say they were okay. One cat that is very hard to catch just lay there and let you come and get her. My vet called Dr. Gookin and she said to take them off and watch them at home, give fluids if it got worse.
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Interesting. It's a pretty severe drug, but the only effective one that I'm aware of.
I'm surprised they both acted that way. It seems to only affect some to that degree.

I assume since Dr Gookin was in on the consultation that the dosage given wasn't excessive.

You might try a raw diet if they will consume it. It has been known to at least put the brakes on some of the insanely loose stools that Tri-Trich creates.

How old are your cats and what breed?
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They are Himalayan and they just turned 2. I have considered raw but they also have overgrowth of Clostridium bacteria which Dr. Gookin says is also common so we are concerned about thier ability to handle raw. They have both become very picky about eating lately so I keep looking for stuff they can and will eat. Both cats did not have exactly the same reactions except for the lack of eating. One was Ataxic and couldn't track too well and the other became lethargic and just plain did not feel good. She didn't want play time so it was hard to judge her co-ordination. Both of them withdrew to a corner instead of socializing. They have had this since they were kittens, we just didn't know what it was.
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