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Jail time for animal cruelty?

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Should a person serve jail time for animal cruelty?
What are your thoughts??
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IMO () most definately. If its on purpose - a person should pay and be punished very harshly.

If cruel people knew they are facing jail time for what they are doing - they would think twice. And animal-lovers will have more power against those who mis-treat animals in a cruel manner!
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Absolutely. Without a doubt. Not to mention the endless statistics that have shown that if someone harms an animal, they are quite likely to harm a human in the future...
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The tougher the penalty the better! But I also feel that animals are a good therapy for prisoners in a controlled setting. Having prisoners take care of pets is a proven therapy.
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Oh ya, I'm all for jail time for animal cruelty. As it was already mentioned, a lot of serial killers started out killing animals. Anyone who can hurt an animal is seriously jacked up and needs to have their head examined.
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Absolutely!! Of course NOT for things like "kicking" or so, but YES to cruel actions!!!
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I think anyone who is found guilty of animal cruelty should have a long jail sentence. But, if they are young, I think they should have very intensive therapy and not jail time. As many people have pointed out, people who harm other humans usually start with animals.
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Yes, they should serve jail time, and should do community service by cleaning cages at their local animal shelter. Now if we could just get the government to let out all the people doing time for traffic offenses and such, we could have room for them in the jails. When I was in SC, that was the argument for not giving these people jail time, there was no place for them.
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You see people - we can have consensus in a controversial forum!

When it comes to cats and animals - we are all united!!!!

This is nice
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Of course, I am all for it as well, but I don't see it as realistically happening. We can't even accomplish jail terms for people who abuse and neglect kids, much less animals. Sure, I know the REALLY bad ones get put away, but there are tons of parents out there who neglect their kids day in and day out, and nothing happens to them. If the society can't take care of its kids, then animals certainly aren't coming up for a vote anytime soon.
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You betcha!!!
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Actually, I prefer horsewhipping. This should also be applied to rapists and child molesters.
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With the overpopulation of our jails and prisons, I don't see this happening at all. I know that some cities impose stiff financial penalties but if the person doesn't pay it, not much happens to them after that.I am all for throwing these sickos in a hole and locking them away, but society doesn't think they warrant that much punishment, after all, "they only tortured a cat." (I heard a judge say that one time when I went to court on an animal abuse case a few years ago.)
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Here in AZ, they recently upgraded animal cruelty to a class-6 felony. I'm not sure how much time, that entails but its a start.
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Colorado recently passed a law making it a felony too. There isn't much jail time, and the penalties aren't horrible either. I have to say, though, being married to someone who made a stupid mistake when he was 18 (he bounced checks) and has a felony hanging over him, it can pretty well ruin your life. You can't ever own a firearm, you can't vote (in most states), more and more companies won't even look at you let alone hire you with a felony (and it's easier for even small companies to check with online public records), we've even been told by apartment complexes that they won't rent to anyone with ANY felony (violent or not). These are the punishments that you don't see unless you know someone who has a felony. And yes, it is perfectly legal for them to discriminate against him for a record from over 12 years ago.

Knowing all that, do I think they should serve time? Definitely. However, the others are right and that was the argument against making animal cruelty a felony here - there isn't enough space in prison. They compromised, there isn't much prison time unless it's especially heinous or repeat offenses but it is still a felony. Trust me, that alone is quite a punishment.
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Yes, but like a lot of you said it proubley want to happen!
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Originally posted by katl8e
Actually, I prefer horsewhipping. This should also be applied to rapists and child molesters.
I second that, but would add: First horsewhipping, THEN jail!
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Definitely - jail time or community service (how about having to walk behind police horses and clean up their droppings all day for several months?) I particularly worry about cruelty to animals because of the "terrible trinity" they've found among serial killers - arson, bedwetting and cruelty to animals as juveniles - so society should take it more seriously. I would also include abandoning pets as cruelty. Some European humane societies have called for mandatory chipping, so that irresponsible pet owners can be found and prosecuted. But what can be done about irresponsible parents? I'm thinking about that "vegan couple" in NY. Does the punishment fit the crime? Was it a crime, or ignorance?
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What is horsewhipping? Sorry to be so naive . . . .

YES! I think someone should be punished just as badly for cruelty to animals as they would be for cruelty to humans! Killing an animal? Life in jail. Abuse? Major jail time and fines! If they'd be punished for treating a person that way, then it's NOT OK to treat an animal that way.

I firmly believe in the phrase "Pets are people, too." And, yes, it is very nice to have some consensus, especially on this. It makes me feel good about the world in general . . . knowing there are so many people like you out there!!!!!!
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horsewhipping is beating someone with a whip!
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Oh . . . *blush*

I feel dumb.
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YES. No doubt about it. Jail them and throw away the key. And for people who neglect animals, obligatory pet care seminars and "surprise" check-ups. My neighbours could qualify for that one.

Anyone who's unsure of which way to support the jail time idea should volunteer at an animal shelter for a few years. I was a volunteer groomer for over a year, and the stories you hear would make your skin crawl.

I'm ashamed to say that Quebec (where I live) is the only province that doesn't have any kind of law against animal cruelty... And they wonder why our shelters are overcrowded?
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And i don't think it would be a waste of time or money to set up a special animal welfare police force either.
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We have the Southern AZ Animal Cruelty Task Force. It is multi-jurisdictional: city and county law enforcement, Animal Control, the Humane Society and SPCA. Our Animal Control officers have law enforcement authority, in animal cases. They can remove animals from homes and cars, as well as cite offenders.
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In a word....YES! I say a person delibrately run over a cat right in front of me on the road. They actually swerved to the side of the road to run over the cat.I had to slam on brakes to keep from hitting the cat again when it ran right into the path of my car

The people in the car that hit the cat just sat there at the red light and laughed about it(I could hear what they were saying). I took the cat to the vet but there was nothing that could be done for the poor guy The police couldn't do a thing about it since they didn't see them hit the cat. That totally Sucks!
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Amendment VIII
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Now, I am not a U.S. citizen, but wouldn't horsewhipping qualify as cruel and unusual?
At least in our present day and age.
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Absolutely YES! To us animal lovers, violence against animals is cruel and unfathomable.

The UK, correct me if I am wrong, has taken it to another level - which I agree with. They acknowledge the fact those who abuse animals usually move on to human victims. Although not all animal abusers become serial killer, most serial killers began their killing spree with animals. The difference is that those who do not learn that it is cruel and wrong. In any case, repeated and extreme violence indicates a serious psychologcial violence that requires immediate treatment.

"What we must do is to change our perceptions and open our eyes. After all, animals inhabited this world way before us. What right have we to abuse and enslave them to 'improve' our lives? Lawmakers must be made aware of this connection between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence, and laws changed to detect, rehabilitate or punish animal abusers. Humane education should be practiced in schools. Pets should be treated as members of the family, not as an inferior species. Children should be taught to respect all animals, then they will too respect all life. Right now, we should increase awareness of this connection between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence. Imagine if people were taught this fact, how many lives, animal and human, could have been saved."
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Helen? Where did you get that quote from? I'm in charge of doing the Legislature portion of Stray Pet Advocacy, and I'm going to have a big section on animal abuse laws. That quote would be a fantastic addition to this section of the future site!!
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Here you go:


.and ther is much, much more - hope it helps
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