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Adopting 2 new baby kittens, Advice?

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Hi im new here and i just need some advice as i have never had kittens before,

Well on friday i am picking up my 2 new adopted baby girls they are 7/half weeks old and i cannot wait so i was wondering if some of you could answer the following questions.

How many times a day should i feed them ?
How much should i put in their own bowls ?
How should i prepare it its canned kitten food should i add anything else ?
What treats can you feed to kittens ?
Do kittens like being cuddled and holded all the time ?

And any other added advice would greatly help me.

Thanks alot.
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Kittens LOVE to be held. The more you hold them the more they will like it when they are older. This is an important stage in their development and you can somewhat mold them more at this age. I hold mine all of the time and they climb in my lap or my shoulder to sleep. These two kittens were wild when I caught them now they are sweet and cuddly.
Feed kittens as much canned as they will eat. Feed them kitten food which is higher in fat and calories which is what they need to grow healthy.
I don't give my kittens treats yet(3months)because I want them to concentrate on eating their kitten food.
I put three small tins/cans of kitten food three to four times a day depending on their appetite. Sometimes a growth spurt will make them ravenous and eat more than usual.
Get them a litter box that is smaller so that they can get in and out easier. I provide one per kitten.
Watch out of for things on the ground. Kittens like to taste things and can swallow things that are not good for them.
Get them used to nail clippings and if you plan on dental care-brushing their teeth.

I am sure others will come along with more.
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I have two kittens myself, mine are 3 1/2 months and 6 months old.

I leave dry kitten food out for them all day, so they can eat as they feel they need to. I also give them a 1/2 a can of wet food 2-3 times a day. Mine never seem to be able to finish a full can on their own, so I put the left over half in the refrigerator so it doesn't go to waste. I reheat it about 10 seconds in the microwave when I give it to them again so it's not so cold. The canned food is usually pretty good on it's own, so you shouldn't have to add anything to it.

My little ones are pretty spoiled. You can buy them treats in the grocery store. However, they go crazy for deli meat- sliced turkey and ham. Mine also love a can of tuna.

How often they like to be picked up and cuddled depends on their personality. My oldest cuddles on his own terms. When he wants to be picked up he lets me know by rubbing up against me or jumping on my lap. Usually when I pick him up out of the blue, he stays for a minute and then starts squirming when he wants to go. My little one always wants to be near me. He likes to be picked up more. However, kittens are full of energy and they love to play hard. I like to tire mine out and then pick them up when they're sleepy, they stay a lot longer. lol

You must post pictures of them when you get them! Do you have any names picked out?
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Hi thanks for all your help .
Well this is the food i have bought for them

And i was wondering do i give them a full pouch 2times a day ? each
Or half a pouch 2times a day im really confused!!

Yes i will sure to get photos of them!!! i cannot wait i have bought them little collars ready for them coming

Noo i havnt any names yet so ideas would be a help

Lots of love
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Congratulations! Exciting! What do they look like?
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I would say with that food that I would offer 1/2 a pouch about 4 times per day at that age. If you can't be home often enough to do that, it would be a good idea (in my opinion) to offer 1/2 pouch in the morning and 1/2 pouch in the evening and leave dry kitten food out for them all the time, that way they won't get hungry.

Please tell us what colors they are or what they look like and maybe we can help with name ideas! Thanks for adopting some kittens!
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Thank you soo much guys !!

Yes i was going to give them half and half everyday with dry mix
You's are a great help!!!

Well one is nearly full black with white bits
And the other is black and white !! i hav'nt seen clear pictures of them yet.
But im just happy i can help adopt them they were found on the streets so im glad i can help going to pick them up on friday they are 7/half weeks i cannot wait !!
Yes please help me with names !! haha

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well, would you prefer purrsonality based names? coloration based names? people names or non-people names? any themes you feel drawn towards [hobbies, etc.]?
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Just curious where you are getting them from? I worry because they are way too young to leave their mother. Unless they are orphans of course. But if they are coming from a "breeder" or something, whether or not they are eating solids and using the litterbox, they really need to stay with their mother until 12 or so weeks. I would say 10 weeks at the ABSOLUTE minimum.
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I agree they are young. I never. Must places wait until they are 12 weeks. i have got Kittens that were only 4 weeks and they were ok. I have two black and white Cats and they are Coco and Oreo. You can hold them alot. Kittens do get hyper also. I am getting a Sphynx Kitten this year and can not wait. It will be the first time I ever got a pure bred Cat. I am glad you are getting two Kittens.
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First of all 7 weeks is NOT ready to leave mom and siblings. They should be at least 10-12 weeks old, even if you are taking 2 of them. Most 7 week old kittens are STILL nursing from mom. They need important social/behavior lessons from mom.

As far as your questions:

They need to be free fed for the first 4-5 months with a quality dry food and some canned food. Kittens have small stomachs so its hard to really say how much to feed them. I used to leave dry out and give them canned foods 2-3 times a day - maybe 3 teaspoons for the litter of kittens. This was made into a thick soup with KMR kitten milk added in with the warm water.

They should have their own bowls for eating and drinking water - be sure to have fresh water available at all times - NOT milk.

Kittens don't need treats unless its shredded boiled chicken. And they are babies - they are more interested in exploring and playing with each other then to cuddle in your lap. It is good to handle them and pick them up and pet them several times a day, but don't expect them to come running to you and jumping in your lap.

Please hold off a few more weeks or adopt some older kittens. Unless you have experience in young kittens, you really should not be adopting under 10-12 weeks of age.
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
Just curious where you are getting them from? I worry because they are way too young to leave their mother. Unless they are orphans of course. But if they are coming from a "breeder" or something, whether or not they are eating solids and using the litterbox, they really need to stay with their mother until 12 or so weeks. I would say 10 weeks at the ABSOLUTE minimum.
I assumed they were orphans. At least I hope so or maybe they were caught feral?
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They where found in a rubbish bin with no mom around.
They have been eating solids for about a week now kitten food.

My aunt is the manager of the cat home so she knows what she is doing and she fosterd them for few days then im going to take 2.

Over here in northern ireland cats go off to new homes within 8weeks.
My aunt got hers at 8weeks.
And alot more people i know have got them around that age i have never heard of having to wait until 12weeks!!

I would love girlie names really!

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Do you want Irish names? Do you have a theme?

I am adopting mine out at 12 weeks and the shelters here do 12 unless they were orphaned then a little younger. I am sure you will be fine. My outdoor kittens I caught were 5 and 6 weeks and they are marvelous. I kept them in my robe or a baby sling all day walking around with me. They are loves.
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They arrived and boy are they shy!!
I think they have been abused they run from you if you bend down to touch them is this normal for kittens this age ?

We picked names ChiChi && Keisha .

Are they always sleepy aswell ?
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Kittens sleep a lot. Even an adult cat spends up to 18 hours per day sleeping, and kittens may do more than that!

They are probably shy because of being in a new place. It may help to keep them restricted to one fairly small room, so that they can get accustomed to that. If they weren't handled when they were very small, it may take a little while for them to get used to it. Remember, they don't know that you're trying to help them and love them; to them, you may be a big predator who wants to eat them. As they grow more secure, and as you handle them more, they will probably get more and more "cuddly."

My mother always gave kittens away at six weeks, and we have adopted some as young as five weeks, but that isn't ideal. But obviously, in this case, you really didn't have a choice. Having the two of them will help with some of the separation anxiety and aggressive playing that kittens taken too young from their mother tend to develop.
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Im pleased to let you know that they have settled in brilliant.
They are crying after us following us already and purring.
Here is a picture of me ( Im a state ) of them falling asleep on me LOL
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Well, I see they are terrified of you!
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AWW they love you already. I love when my babies lay with me.
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