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Midweek so many things!

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So Monday, I left my keys at home, and gave in my notice for one school, she was mighty angry because she thinks that 10 weeks isn't enough to find another teacher! On top of that I started to get sick and had a terrible migraine

Tuesday, I get my credit card invoice and some idiot has stolen 600 EUROS from my account from a bank in Bulgaria, went straight to the bank in tears and they are getting that sorted. I also handed in my Tenant notice that I am leaving and paid the next two months worth of rent.

This morning I went to the Veterinary State office to get the last final piece of Documentation for the kitties, I had to take them with me, FH came with me as its wayyyyyyyy to heavy for me to carry them both, we waited 30 mins, As we got Kaylee out of the carried, aw bless she had peed her self and was completely wet, I felt bad but yet couldn't stop laughing We cleaned her up and let her out for a little bit while the Lady finished filling out and stamping the forms.

Now the only thing i need to do is send these papers to Australia. And everything should be going through with in two weeks so I can finally pay for their flight ticket!

At the beginning of the week I was in tears as I couldn't see the light to finish all the things i needed to do, but now I am feeling much better.

I'm not really asking for vibes, but I would like some of you to keep us in your thoughts that everything goes smoothly for us and that I can stop stressing!

Happy Hump day!
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Hope everything goes well!
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You have really got alot of items off your to-do list!! Hope the rest of your things to do go smoothly!!
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Good job on getting your list started! Here are Vibes for the rest of your to-do list
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Wow, sounds like things are really moving along well!
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