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Fun before dawn

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Because it's been raining a lot here in Manila. these insects known as gamu gamo appear in the hundreds before sunrise. Attracted by the lights of the house, they're my cats' latest fun toys. While I prepare their breakfast, the silly kitties are jumping, running and chasing these bugs which are pretty easy to catch. One swat of their paw, the insect falls to the ground still alive and spinning like a top. The kitties have one or two bugs each and they watch or swat at it. They do not eat them though, which is good. Sometimes I have to call the cats twice that their food is ready. Even though I don't like these bugs (they get into everything - water, food, clothes) I'm happy to see my babies having a wonderful time.
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Hehhehe, that a cute cute story

I'm glad they find fun everywhere they turn!!
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Why would it be such a bad thing if they did eat them? Are they poisonous? My cat eats bugs all the time.
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It's nice to hear your cats are having fun playing 'bug swatting'

Mine don't really do much with bugs, except sit and watch them crawl across the floor or wall Arwen will make chirping sounds at flies though...
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Oh Wow... they look a lot like the fish flies that we deal with here in michigan.
Also known as mayflies.
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My boys love to catch bugs! It's such great entertainment for them, though I do feel sorry for the moths. Wiggs loves those craneflies and the June bugs.
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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
Why would it be such a bad thing if they did eat them? Are they poisonous? My cat eats bugs all the time.
I don't think they're poisonous. I just feel that eating bugs is yucky.
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Mine used to leave cockroach legs or lizard tails on the floor for me to find. I haven't seen any of them eat a bug yet, but I guess its kinda dangerous if humans spray bugs with insecticide and then the cat eats the bug with the poisonous chemicals.
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Mine played with a cricket during the night this week...We found it bit in half in the morning.
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Molly loves nothing more than to chase and eat bugs
The only way i could stop her would be to tape her mouth shut

and now with Phoebe copying every move mum makes, shes at it to
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