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Play time is too agressive

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Hey guys

Got a question for all you cat whisperers. I have a 2 year old male cat. He's very sociable and talks all the time. He runs to the door to greet me when I come home and follows me around the house all day long. Ever since I got him, we would play rough. I start rubbing him hard and flinging him around and he would just "play bite" and go along. He likes to play more aggressively. However he is starting to take it too far. He is biting harder now and scratching and it's hurting me. He even will now just come up and bite me or scratch me to get me to play with him.

So how can I teach him where the limits are (not to bite so hard and the difference between "play time" and "petting time")? Thanks in advance!

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As I see it, your boy has been overstimulated during play and has learned that whenever he wants some fun with you it's okay to be aggressive. "Play bite" should never be tolerated as you probably now realize.
Whenever he starts to bite, stop, do not remove your hand or whatever part of your body is in his mouth, stare at him, hiss or say NO. He should let go. Do not resume playing but leave. In time he will understand that biting you means the end of play and is not acceptable.
If hurtful clawing is included in his play behavior, redirect his attention to a toy.
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It's no different than if you worked with a dog, taught him to be aggressive, then wanted him to change. You'll definitely have to stop petting or scratching his tummy if you've done it, and as soon as he quiets down (when grabbing you-but you don't move) very slowly withdraw your hands. Get some real toys that you can play interactively with and gradually shift the mood and his attention to them. Move more slowly altogether.
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