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Beautiful babies! You are correct it is fine to handle the babies! We do it here and have been told it is best to start at day one! Glad to know you are socializing them already. Human touch is so important to babies.

Are you going to have her spayed soon? I think I read some where that you were.
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Nicole, thanks. I am glad that you agree with me!

Yes, Mimi is going to be spayed. I am getting the two boys done first. I will wait until Mimi's babies are fully weaned before getting her fixed. I don't want to have to put her through the stress of surgery when she has all those little ones to look after! Mimi is beautiful and I wanted to breed her, now that I really think about it, I will need a good job and my own home before I become a breeder! I want to breed Pixie-Bobs and Maine Coons in the future!

Does anyone know of any Immune Boosting Pills I can give the kitten's when their older? I know that when they are weaned their immune systems are'nt as strong, and I want them to be very healthy babies!

Before they go to their new homes I'm going to train them to like water and teach them to shoulder rides! My 8 month old Snowshoe, Hercules, loves shoulder rides. I put him on my shoulder when I go into PetsMart and he won't leave. Everyone I know says I should become a "Cat Whisperer"! Most of my cats to travel!

I will post pictures soon!
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What great names - I just love mythological names!
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Choas and Isis were chosen before the babies were born! I predicted that the first one to come out would be a male and it was, he is the biggest boy. I named him Choas because he's chaotic! Isis was the third one, and the biggest female. I hope the people that adopt them will keep their names!
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The kitties and their names are very cute!
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My Mom does'nt really like the names, but I'm trying to convince her!

~The kittens are all doing great! Mimi is eating alot, so are the babies! Chaos is now a whopping 9 inches!
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i'm going to have to try to measure my guys Snowwhite is eating really good too! I touched a kitten today!! Just on the back, but she didn't seem to mind so maybe i'll hold one soon
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Mimi does'nt mind at all when I hold the babies! Choas loves to be held, he tries to suckle on my fingers and kneads my hand! Mimi is a very good Momma, she is very talkative now. When I poke my head into their nest, she starts purring and giving loves!

My friends cat just gave birth to 6 brown tabbies with white paws! I have'nt seen them yet but he says that they are really tiny. Val, I guess me and you just have some huge kittens that will be destructive when their older! A kitten is usually born 5 inches long, my babies were 7 and 8 inches. Athena is still 7 inches and Isis is still 8 inches. Choas grew an inch which makes him 9 and Zues grew an inch which makes him 8. The Siamese have dark grey ears and are starting to get brown noses. All of their cords fell of yesterday!

I can't wait until the little angels open their eyes!

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It's so exciting hearing about your babies!! Post more pic's soon!!! Pleease!
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these guys are way more then five inches! Daddy must have been big because snowwhite is kinda a small cat. I think we are going to have some mountain lions on our hands i can't wait until there little eyes open! I love the little noise they make, it is just so cute!!
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Vader is a huge kitty! Mimi is very petite. The less kittens the cat has, the more room they have to grow! I am so happy Mimi only had four! I now have 14 cats!
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i was thinking about that i went from 2 cats to 9 in a matter of a year...well 10 if you count "leo" but he only shows up now and then.
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The babies are opening their eyes! Athena, the runt, has hers almost all the way open! I am so excited! Choas and Zeus are about halfway there and Isis just started. I can't wait!
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ohhh that is so cool!!!! maybe mine will start soon too!!!!
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Val, I can't wait until your little babies open up their eyes! Make sure you post pics as soon as they do!
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speaking of pics... I wanna see more pics of your babies!!!! I'm soooo jealous that you have black kittens! I wanted black kittens so bad!! It's okay though, i love my little cloud puffs
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Choas opened his eyes! He is so much cuter now! Athena is almost there, the others are opening slowly but surely!

I will post pics as soon as I can!
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awwww i wanna see pics!! hurry up!!
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I will be taking more pictures tonight!
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i'll be waiting I want to see them so bad!!!
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Pics Pics!!!
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Yes, we want to see pictures!!!!
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it's night i wanna see
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Ok! I'll go and take some pictures right now! I will be posting them tonight!
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yea!!! can't wait!!! I'm having black kitten withdraw

btw I petted one of the kittens for awhile today didn't pick it up but petted it!! I think his little eyes are starting to open!
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Here are the pictures!

Mimi and the babies!

Babies all together!



Choas and Isis!


Choas and Isis sleeping!

Choas' Eyes!

Choas is very sleepy!

Isis again!

Isis napping!

One more of Isis!

The other two babies were being way to fussy! I will try and take pictures of them tonight!
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awwwwwwwww they are SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!! the white on looks like a little polar bear!!! I want to hug them
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Awwww such adorable little sweet babies! I want to give them kisses on the head!
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They're precious, Tasha.
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if you lived close I would be begging you for a black one
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