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Does anyone know when figs are ready to pick?

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There is a Fig Tree in the House we bought and it has alot of figs on it. We have no idea when they will be ready.
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Ooh, yum! I would suggest googling a picture of figs to see the color they are when ripe. And probably when they're feeling slightly tender.
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Figs should be soft, and change to a darker color than when green, also should have a strong, sweet smell. (had to ask hub, the house he grew up in had one in the backyard)
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Do you know what time of year they are ready?
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Around here (Alabama) should be any time in the next few weeks. Hub says they should almost fall off the bush when you touch them to pick them.
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We do not even know what kind of Fig Tree is is. There is also a Cherry Tree and I do not know when they bloom. All teh Cherries shriveled up and fell off.
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I am volunteering to help you eat them! How wonderful to have your own fruit trees.
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Down here in South Louisiana, figs are ready now.There is a tree right by work and the owner was picking last week. I had a fig tree in my yard, but it died last year. KittenKrazy is right.....they will be soft (not firm) and will be brown in color.
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Never had a fig-only fig newtons!! Not hardy in WI and I've never seen them for sale in any grocery store either.
As for cherry trees....I'm guessing it might be a sweet cherry tree?? We have the sour cherry trees but a terrible fruit set so very few this year. Did it look like the cherries expanded to pickable fruit but since they were not picked they do shrivel (mummify) and fall off. Any left on tree should be picked and discarded.
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It depends on the variety of fig tree which colour they turn. We have brown turkey figs in our garden, they go a very deep green/slightly brownish colour when they are ready. Hubby is right, they practically fall of the tree into your hand and are soft to the touch. They will have the most delightful sweet smell to them as well. The flesh inside will be a brownish pink.

If your fig is the white marseille variety, they won't go such a dark colour, the flesh inside will be much paler as well, pink middle with white flesh around the outsides.

Here in the UK and in continental Europe, the figs are usually ready to pick around the end of August/beginning of September.

After this year's figs have finished, next year's will start developing really early, so make sure that you don't rub them off the tree thinking that they are undeveloped ones from this year.

Enjoy your figs
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I think they are Calimyrna Figs or Kadota Figs.
The Cherries were pickable at one time. They are Black Cheeries and were all already off the tree on the ground shrivled up. We did fine two that were normal.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
I am volunteering to help you eat them! How wonderful to have your own fruit trees.
I agree!

I don't think I've ever seen a fresh fig: at least not at any of the stores that I shop at. I do know that I can't stand the dried ones though, but fresh is usually better than the dehydrated stuff.
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Our sour cherries are just now ready for picking but we're in Canada and probably much slower than the southern areas. I have no idea when the figs are ready in your area but an internet search should help you.

Fresh figs are wonderful with proscuitto and fresh shaved parmesan.
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That sounds good with wine.
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