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Black Widow Bite

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My kitten, an 8 month old, was bitten by what we believe to be a black widow. She showed all the symptoms Saturday morning. Took her to the vet and he gave her a shot and some meds and sent us home. She drooled and had labored breathing for two days. She only stopped the profuse drooling yesterday. Her breathing is a bit better, but she acts like her throat is swollen. She has started asking to be fed and for water on her own. But I was wondering if anyone knew what else I could do for her. She still won't be cuddled, it's like she can't stand to be touched right now. She will let you pet her, but not press her or hold her. I've looked it up online and the experts say the prognosis is not very good. But she's survived for seventy two hours. Do you think her chances are better than 10% now? Her breathing is still a bit labored and she still has muscle spasms. But they've diminished a wee bit. Other than that she hides under the loveseat or in a cabinet. She can't seem to stand bright light also. I made the mistake of using a flashlight to find her and her poor little eyes squinted so much.

Her name is Martha ( I found her at a Walmart )

Laurie G
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I suggest calling the vet and getting more information from them and ask if you should be bringing her back in.
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Aww poor Martha, sending healing vibes

I hope she will be ok. I had a cat years ago that got bit by some kind of insect(it could have been a spider, we didn't know) I took her to the vet and he gave her a shot. She did survive and lived almost 18 years. I would think that her starting to eat and surviving the worst of it would be a step in the right direction. If in doubt always call the vet! Black widow spider bites are very serious.
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I would definitely call your vet to find out how you can get some nutrition into her - she needs to eat or else her body will start to shut down.
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I took her to my regular vet. They gave her a steroid shot and iv antibiotics. She's a bit sleepy right now, but they said the worst was over. The vet said she'd be sick for up to a month, until her lungs and throat completely heal.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for the help.

Laurie G
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I hope she feels better really soon
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I hope she heals quickly - I'm praying for her.
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how scary. I hope she'll be ok.
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Oh my goodness I am so sorry that happened. It's good that you got her vet care asap. And, it is definitely reassuring that she's hungry and thirsty. Just keep petting her and giving her whatever affection she will take. Probably she doesn't want to be held too much because if she is sick she doesn't feel like it, ya know? Hang in there and don't hesitate to call your vet if you are concerned.

Many vibes, please keep us posted.
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i hope your kitty is ok!!!!

spider bites on pets worry me so bad. we lost our rottwieler to a fiddleback bite (and a lousy vet) a couple of yrs ago so i know how scary it is when our pets get bitten.

PLUS this scares me soooo much more because about 2 weeks ago i noticed patchy watching something on my mattress (while i was laying on it) and it was a BROWN WIDOW -- right by my arm!! it wouldve either been myself or patchy that wouldve been bitten and her dr is better than mine. LOL
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I don't have any advice but I wanted to send some good vibes

This freaks me out because we have found black widows in the garage and out on the patio. Our cats are indoor-only but bugs always have a way of getting inside.

I would just focus on making her as comfortable as possible.

This is going to sound a little silly but I've heard that classical harp music is very soothing for feral cats and I'm wondering if maybe it would be soothing to a sick cat as well?

Am thinking of your kitty and you
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Great news all! After some intense iv cortisone and antibiotic therapy, Martha is doing really well. She worried us because she didn't eat for a long while, but she had enough fight in her to sink her right front paw in my face. She hates getting meds. It hurt like heck, but I was actually thankful she had that much fiestiness in her.

She still has a slight respiratory problem. The vet said she'd probably get a secondary URI and she did. We're still on antibiotics for a few more days.

Thanks to all of you who sent the good energy. Martha is greatful and so am I.

Laurie G
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I've been reading all the posts, I'm so happy for Martha Prayers for continued recovery and
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i'm sooo glad your fur baby is going to be alright still lots of for a speedy recovery
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Yea! I'm so glad to hear the good news. I've been following your story from the begining and glad to see a happy ending. Poor thing to have to go through all of that!
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Wow! Sounds like Martha has a fighting spirit indeed! I'm glad she's doing so much better! I can't imagine something like that happening to one of my kittens!
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I'm so happy for her! for her continued recovery.
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What a little fighter to have survived this ordeal! for her recovery to go well, poor little baby.
Im guessing she won't be hunting anymore spiders once she is back to health! More
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Maybe this link will help:

I'm glad your furbie's doing better!

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Glad to hear that Martha is doing better. Still sending out more vibes to Martha and you!
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I'd recommend calling the ORKIN man RIGHT AWAY. I had him come our to out house a couple years ago because of these godzilla-sized wolf-spiders under my house, IN my garage and so on and so forth. I told him I had cats, so they used a treatment under and around my house, and around my garage and carport that would not be harmful to cats. It worked GREAT and cut down on the spider department quite a bit. There are still a few of the eight-legged freaks hanging around, but not nearly as much as in the past. I just posted a thread about my two kittens dying in areas where I've seen black widows the most. I'm not sure if thats what the cause was, but I'm gonna call the ORKIN man on Monday and have the place re-treated, its been a couple years since they treated it last, and I live in the woods. I don't mind the wolf spiders, since they aren't harmful to the kitties (in fact, they like chasing them around), but the black widows are bad news, to cats or us! I know a guy that got bit by one on his finger and he was sick (flu-like) for three months! Hard to beleive that something so small can pack so much damage. Anyway, I hope your cat heals up and I too, will be praying for it!
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fantastic news about martha! not so good about your face though! ouch!
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