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Curiosity Through Nomars Eyes

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Sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me,
I look at things quite differently.
All your cute knick knacks on the shelf,
catch my eye, can't help myself.
Before you know it, smash,it hits the floor,
you yell out, I run for the door.
Then I find a place to climb,
those lacey curtains work just fine.
Before you know it, the curtains come down,
hmmm... my weight, need to lose a few pounds.
What intrigues me most, I love your pens,
they roll around, the fun never ends.
Before you know it, I stretch out in a warm place,
you see me sleeping, relief on your face.
Before you know it, I'll be up and about,
again my curiosity will seek things out.
But for now I'll cozy up next to you,
my owner who loves me and who has so much for me to get into....

"Nomars actions speak louder than purrs."
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I want Nomar to write some more poems (when he isn't too busy having fun).
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Hi alexnell,
Thanks for reading poem. At this point I think Nomar has enough stories to write a book!! (haha)...
I too write poetry, most of it is about life experiences and on the serious side..
One of my poems will be published in a book soon..I am thrilled about that...
As for my Nomar, to watch him scope out his next adventure or my next (knick knack) is something else...I wonder what he is thinking at the time...curiosity, curiosity ????
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Thanks for sharing your very nice poem about Nomar! Oftentimes, it's best we not know what cats are thinking.

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Hello Mr. Cat
Your correct about it's best not knowing what cats are thinking.
I must admit, it would be quite interesting if we did...
Usually for me, what Nomar is thinking, ends up something breaking of mine...LOL
My friend Darlene (Threeleggedcat) encouraged me to post poem...thanks for reading it...
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NOMAR asked me to post this in his stead. . . .


I am trying to be a "Good Boy"
Calmly sitting in the window;
Hugging my new beany toy.

Mommy left for work so early;
Told me sternly, to "BEHAVE".
(Her smile all big and pearly

Did those lacey curtains move?
Mom would want me to make sure. . . .
Would an investigation behoove?

Maybe just a quick climb.
And a scamper across the rail. . . .
Wouldn't take no time.

Flipping and flopping thru the air;
When will I ever learn?
Curtains are not to wear! :pinky:

I'm trying to be a "Good Boy";
Lying tangled up in lace. . . . .
Looking quite innocent and coy.

Mommy's only been gone one hour;
(Told me sternly to BEHAVE)
Her smile will turn all sour;
Boy, will she rant and rave;

Wish I could say I fought the good fight,
That I was Strong and Brave.

"Thanks to me; no one stole the curtains! ! !
No telling what would have happened,
If I had just sat and behaved!"

(yeah, that'll work. . . . )
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I see Nomar has found someone to side with him when he gets in trouble.. LOL
Nomar has started on the bedroom curtains except he prefers climbing the curtains at 5am and of course I wake up...Little does he know he is not 4 months old anymore and has put on weight...Here's a thought from your friend Nomar...

Thanks TLK for writing about me,
it gets very lonely when my mommy has to leave,
I just want to sit by the window, and look at the view,
but those darn lacey curtains!!! ,
whats a cat to do??
when mommy comes home and sees what I have done,
do you think you can help me get out of this one???
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