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More coughing after starting antibiotics?

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I posted here a few days ago about Allie, a wonderful 3-month old kitten my boyfriend and I just adopted from the shelter. We picked him up from his neutering surgery Saturday afternoon to find that he'd contacted a cold. He went to the vet yesterday, and the vet said he has a mild URI. He prescribed antibiotics and anti-congestants. He's been on these meds for about a day and a half now. This morning, I couldn't help but notice that he's coughing an awful lot, more than he was yesterday. My boyfriend suggested that's because his lungs are becoming less clogged and he has a lot of mucus to cough up. That makes sense to me. Has anyone else's cat experienced more coughing after starting antibiotics?

I've also been trying to remove boogers from his nose, but he's fussy about that.
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My Cats never coughed more from Antibiotics and they have had real bad Colds before.
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Sounds like the meds might not be working. Call the vet and explain your concerns and see what they say. Might need to try a different antibiotic.

When my Hannah had a severe URI when we got her, it took a good 2 months for her to get over it and several different meds and eye drops. Go with your gut instincts and call the vet's office.
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Call the vet in the morning,but I agree with your boyfriend - if the kitten seems otherwise fine.
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Update: called the vet and was told that the antibiotics will take some time to work. They suggested I use a humidifier to keep him from stuffing up too much, and that seems to be helping. We will be taking him back for another appointment if he doesn't seem to be getting better over the next couple of days.
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