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My kitten doesn't like me anymore

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Last Tuesday, I adoped two kittens from the Animal Shelter. One was 12 weeks (Marley) and one was 14 weeks (Katie). They were from the same foster home and they seemed to get along well.

When I brought them home, Marley was really afraid and hid most of the time. Slowly, she would edge out and watch me from across the room, but generally if I got close to her she would run and hide again. It was so weird, because if you did catch her somehow, she was still as an angel and she would even purr when you pet her. Just this weekend, she really started to open up to me and crawl into my lap and I can hardly get rid of her. She follows me everywhere and she's a really big sweet heart.

Katie was a real sweet heart from day 1. I have never seen a cat that is more bold around people. From day 1 she was in my lap constantly loving me and playing with me. If anybody came over she was extremely friendly and curious with them. I was so happy with her, because I really thought she was the perfect kitten. However, last Thursday I took the kittens to the vet and Katie had an upper respiratory infection, something I had figured. They prescribed her an antibiotic that she was to take orally with an eye dropper (.5 cc)

Katie hates the eye dropper and hates the medicine. It's always a real big chore to try to get her to take the medicine. I have to do it twice a day and I dread it, because I know she hates it. Every single day she likes me less. It's gotten to the point where she doesn't want me to pick her up and she stays away from me in the house most of the time. It's making me really sad. I feel like I've been abandoned by a friend, even though I've only had her for a short time. I really felt a strong connection with her and she hates me.

I'm not really sure whether it's because of the medicine or because the other cat has started to spend more time with me. The kittens have started to chase each other and fight each other a lot. I figure that's mostly them just being kittens, but I don't really know if there isn't some jealousy going on.

I was just hoping I might get some helpful advice about what people think the problem is and how I can get my Katie back to her sweet self. I could use a tip on a better way to give Katie the medicine that she will like. I haven't tried mixing it with wet food because I think she hates the taste so much she wouldn't eat it.
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It's probably just the medicine. A lot of changes and unpleasant things have happened in a short period in this young kitty's life. Be patient with her. Once you get past the meds she'll come around again as though it never happened. Kittens have short memories.

I'm not a fan of oral meds. I'd always rather give a pill. I swear it's easier. Anyway, to make your life simpler try mixing the meds in tuna. I like the kind with oil for cats because it's good for their coats. Use only a small amount of tuna so she'll eat it all and get all of her medicine. Also, make sure she's seperated from the other kitty so they don't share the meds!

Not to worry, once she's well she'll be back to normal!
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Hi, I had the same trouble with two kittens I had gotten except they were from a feral mother and she taught them well not to trust people. They were also 4 months old when I caught them. They were so afraid of me they wouldn't come near me, and when I had to touch them they pulled back on me like I was going to hurt them. It broke my heart to see them this way, well one of them had a terrible wheeze and I was getting them spayed anyway, I managed to get them to the Vet, they gave me antibotics. I couldn't get near enough to give him his medication, I had to put the liquid into food. He did eat it and the wheeze did go away. They are now 4 years old, and very affectionate. Give your little girl some time. Good luck.
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Oh its the medicine. Cats are notorious bad medicine takers. But they also forgive easily. It could be a combo of medicine and not feeling so hot that makes her this way. When my cats had URIs they used to run like wildfire away from me. As older cats they don't do that.
Once the meds end you will have your little lovables back.
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I really appreciate the help. I'll try to feed her the medicine in her wet food that I give her every morning since she eats that so voraciously. Hopefully she comes around soon, I really miss her sweet personality.
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My kittens had a URI right after I brought them home, and for a whole month I had to give them oral antibiotics with a little eyedropper. Pixel is a weird kitty, and she would hop into my lap and lick up the antibiotics, but Bamf hated them. They made him so angry, and he scratched me up pretty good every time I gave them to him for the first few weeks, and he always avoided me when I came into the room. I thought he would hate me forever, and never ever let me hold him.

But I have good news for you: Now he lets me pick him up and cuddle him for about five minutes at a time, and he purrs and lets me scratch his belly! Your kitten won't stay mad forever. She will forgive you.
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Oh, I remember that feeling. Everyone has already said it, but I'll chime in. My first cat was sick when I brought her home and she was very shy. When I started giving her meds, she hated me too! She'd hide from me. She scratched me so much she drew blood once. It was a horrible start, and I was afraid that we'd never recover, but like everyone said, we did. Just do your best and don't worry about it. The meds will be over soon and you'll have the rest of your lives to build a bond together!!
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