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My boy dont "flush" the toilet

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I have my Bebo- 1 year old boy who was recently neutered because of spraying in the house. Before the doctor performed the operation we had doubts that he had kidney infection so we did the course and treated him with some pills. Now, 2 weeks after he had the operation he stopped "flushing" after he uses the litter box. The smell is awful. Everytime that i feel the smell i am afraid that he sprayed somewhere-well, i could not locate any source of bad smell except for the litter box which i clean daily. So i checked it yesterday-i woke up and the smell was there, rushed to the litter box and i saw that he doesnt flush after him. He is sharing the litter with another cat. Could that be the problem of him not cleaning after himself? He never ever had problems with behaving and always used the litter box. PLS HELP
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The rule of thumb is one litterbox for each cat plus one extra.
It is also encouraged to have a litterbox on each floor, even if you just Some cats don't like to share a litterbox.

Do you keep it clean?
Could he feel pressured to hurry up and get out so the other cat can get in?

Unfortunately, some cats are just messier than others.
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I have heard somewhere that some cats don't flush because its a show of dominance over the rest of the household. I'm not so sure if this is true though.
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...what do you mean by....he doesn't 'flush' in the litterbox?

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Maybe they mean "bury the poop/pee." Some of mine do and some don't.
I know the rule is one litter box per cat plus one, but I have 8. I can't find the space for 9 litterboxes. I'm using 5 right now.
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We had a cat like that - plain lazy lol
Jess x
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Sometimes Oliver doesn't cover a pee, but always covers poo. He's an only cat and has 2 boxes.

If his urine is smelling overly bad, maybe there is something wrong internally and you should have him checked again. If everything comes back fine and it's still smelly, try getting a small air purifier to put by the box. I got a desktop Holmes one from walmart and it wasn't expensive. Oliver's litter box in my room is in a litter box cabinet (the Kitty Washroom) and I have the purifier right on top. Seems to work very well. Also inside the cabinet next to the box, I have one of those mesh bags with charcoal in it - also found in walmart (pet department - also found in the Fosters and Smith catalog). Now I don't know which one helps more, but I no longer wake up due to poo/pee smell and the box is right across from my bed.

I don't think you can train a cat to cover - at least I've never heard of it being done....
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My older cat doesn't bury anything because she was taken away from her mother too early to learn. I tried showing her myself when she was little but I guess it was too late and she never caught on. I know that this isn't the case for your cat but just wanted to throw in my two cents on why some cats may or may not do this at all.
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Thanks for the answer...I figured that it meant not to cover their 'stuff' !

Mine usually cover everything....and of course in the process, fling the kitty litter all over the place.........little cuties!!
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If the urine smells that strongly, either you have a super-sensitive nose, or you need to have him checked. Cat urine definitely has a certain odor, but it shouldn't be as bad as you're describing. I have 4 cats running around and can't smell the urine unless I was a bit lazy on cleaning, and even then it's only when I'm right down there cleaning the little box.
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He could have a infection.
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Well, i have other friends come to the house and they identified the smell as really bad. The litter box is cleaned daily. He recovered (at least i thought so after doing the course with the pill) from a kidney infection, which the vet said could probably come back. I am goin to the vet to get the same pill again.
thanks all for the answers
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