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Does your kitty "talk" to you?

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Mine does
And dh thinks I'm nutso.

So here's the thing. I'll ask Mistoflees a question "Do you want to go out?". The cat will meow at me.

He likes being "escorted" upstairs. I think he's gotten pounced on by Sneaky one too many times (and she's heavier than she is- OUCH). So he'll stand on the stairs and meow. "Please walk upstairs with me so I don't get bothered by HER". Then after you've walked him upstairs, he'll meow

If you call his name- he meows back to you.

Sneaky kind of does this. But she's a spayed female torbie- and has "catttiude".

Btw- he's a 16 year old neutered male- and just about the sweetest kitty I've ever had. It's going to be SO hard when the time comes to say good-bye to him, and I'm hoping that won't be for a few more years.
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Come to my house and Rosie will tell you how she can put the world to right
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Of course! All 11 of them, but some more than others.
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Ocicats are talkers, they'll tell you all about their day, and answer any questions you may ask (and even if you didn't ask!)

My sister was here the other day when I was out and asked them to move out of the doorway, she says they all turned at once and meowed in unison that 'no, they would not move'
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Riley hardly ever makes a sound.

My Alley used to talk to me all the time. I really miss that.
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Stan hardly makes a peep; he does some silent meows when it's food time...Bella is turning into a talker, especially if we have been away or she's protesting her removal from the dinner table We cat-sat for a Siamese named was he a talker (especially at 2AM)

Bella also used to talk to the kitties in the window next door, but they moved
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all the time .
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Yes! That's what I love about them.

When we went looking for our second cat we knew we wanted a talker--we found one!

Jack and Harley talk all the time.

The power went out on Saturday night and as soon as the house went pitch black I head, "meow, meow meow" (What happened mom? I'm confused!)

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My cat (when I had her) asked the questions, I had to do the answering!
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Babycakes does sometimes.....usually when she's telling you that breakfast/dinner is late
Yum Yum really doesn't
Big Blue....he really more "mutters and grumbles" than talks, lol

my two biggest " conversationalists" were Rusty and Gizmo.....they'd both carry on a long talk with you.....I miss them both
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Seldon...Oy can he talk. He has the gift of gab. He talks to me, to the birds, to the strays, to the walls...anyone who will listen. He has something to say. He calls for me if I am on another floor of the house. He has this big huge meow sometimes that reverberates. He has an opinion about everything.
Cleo is quieter but does this soft meow that is so darn cute. He does a staccato meow too.
Mary, the half bengal talks too but usually with a purpose unlike some others in the house.
Lucia has a weird meow but she talks. Hers is like maaaaaah maaaaah.
Saffron talks some but Sachi is quiet.
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yep my little girl talks to me when I get home from work...
and my little boy tells me when he wants to go outside..
he sometimes calls for me too...
i'll be upstairs and i'll hear him just meowing away till I say..i'm up here...
and he comes running
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Lucky always tells me to get up in the morning . Gus always has something to say. The more you talk to him the more he talks back.
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Abby talks to me a lot!!!

Chynna not so much, only usually when she wants food or attention and I'm not giving her either.
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King really doesnt talk... instead he makes faces when you say something to him..

And Chancey... boy does she talk! its amazing how something that small could have so much to say! oh and if you ignore her or dont do/get/say/go where she wants she gets angry!! its amazing!! lol

Papa will meow back to you if you say something to him, but thats about it.
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I have Siamese. . .what do you think?
Well, Molly talks but has a very tiny meow, and when Polly talks Molly is overshadowed anyway. Polly talks all the time. She's very affectionate and interactive with me. She always tells me when she has any sort of need and will come sit on me and meow to her heart's content. I really love it, it wouldn't be the same if she were quiet.
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Oh, yeah. Cindy's the talker -- we have quite long conversations, usually when she's taking me from one room to another -- and it usually sounds pretty important, but I often find myself apologizing for being dense as usual, that being a normal state of affairs for humans. Once she gets me into the bedroom, seated on the edge of the bed, delivering scritches, she doesn't have much to say.
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Sunny jibber-jabbers all the time. I will ask him, "Do you know you're the cutest kitty in the world?" and he of course goes to chattering. If I ask him what he's doing (usually when he's being waaay too quiet) he also responds. He yells at me if I'm not paying attention to him and he is in dire need of attention. He plays with my boyfriend for hours at a time and when he does something to him that he does not like or he's just plain tired of playing, he calls for me to come and save him. He's so very precious.
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Scratch is pretty quiet, but Squee talks all the time! If you say something to her, she will meep, and so on and so forth. You can have whole conversations with her.
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Brandy loves to talk! Although he doesn't quite meow, he more or less makes a chirping sound, and it is so cute to listen to!
Shark will only talk to you when she is hungry, and she can go on and on until you give in..
Arwen will make only slight noises when you talk to her, and sometimes she will look up at you and answer back with a small 'mew' She seems to be the quietest kitty of the bunch.
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Originally Posted by Sneakymom View Post

Btw- he's a 16 year old neutered male- and just about the sweetest kitty I've ever had. It's going to be SO hard when the time comes to say good-bye to him, and I'm hoping that won't be for a few more years.
I can totally relate to how you're feeling! My Maverick is 13 now, and the sweetest & most loving cat I've ever had. I'm gonna be soooo heartbroken when his time comes, too.

Maverick is the talker of my clan, too - which is how he earned his nickname, Blabs. He has no problem telling me how he feels..

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Pixel, Chip & Java talk to me... Cable & Firefox don't.
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My baby talks to me by either vocally or giving me "facial expressions".
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Lilly will occasionally make a tiny little "squeak" noise but Forrest talks enough for 10 cats.

We've taught Forrest to say "Mom" when he wants something. It's really cute in the daytime, but at 4:30 in the morning when he's standing beside my bed tapping my shoulder with his little paw and saying "Mom - Meowmmmm - MOM!" it's not quite so endearing.
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