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Daily Thread Tues July 15th!

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Good morning folks!

Its going to be a hot one today..and only sun sun sun! I love this weather!

Not much happening today, I am taking my engagement ring to be resized. Then off to the gym after work. Thats about it.

GREAT NEWS!!! Our church has finally confirmed us for the wedding so now I can start booking everything else!!! I am so excited!

I hope you all have a good one!
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I'm not up to much today. Off to the gym later and then gonna try to take some pix of Mitzi for the July contest.

Have a good day peeps!
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The phone lines are going to be busy today!!!!

Well it was sunny but now clouded up as there is rain about an hour north of my location.
Hot (for Wisconsin) and humid today-oh joy.
Have to stop at yard compost site as box of truck is full!! Then on to just one job this morning then doing some shopping for my sis bday present. Neil has golf outing later this morning-he will be sweating.

Then chance of rain every day for next week so I'll have to figure out what I'm doing later-probably sitting in front of a fan-maybe another bike ride.

Bakker is sleeping again, the rest are outside and I think Ox's ear is finally healing-I cut the ribbing from a gym sock and slit a hole in it for the good ear and he wore that a couple of days-it will return if he starts scratching again though.

Have a nice day.
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Morning All!!

Sunny here as well but not to hot yet.

Heading out shortly but have a fairly routine day ahead so should finish up by 3.

Nothing else special planned for the day just home and maybe a movie.

The kitties are good, window watching right now..

Everyone have a good day
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
GREAT NEWS!!! Our church has finally confirmed us for the wedding so now I can start booking everything else!!! I am so excited!
Congratulations! I remember when we planned our orinigal wedding, we got as far as trying to book places. That was such an ordeal to get them confirmed, and it's the first step! You can't start the rest of the plans until that's done. So yay, congrats! It's real for sure now.

Not a very exciting day for me today. Work is finally calming down, my allergies are acting back up... Time to take more drugs! I may go out to dinner with a few people this evening. Or take the dogs. Or do house work. Or all of the above. I'm very undecided today!

Kits are all good. Evie was cuddly this morning, then she turned crazy kitty! So we started the morning off well with our own personal entertainment. The X-Pack is good. They're so big!! And playful. Man, sounds like we have a heard of horses in there.

Everyone have a good Tuesday!
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It's 71 right now (11 am) and they say it'll hit low-mid 80's... just like yesterday probably...

I got up early (day off) and hauled my bee-hind on the bus and train to Beaverton (far west side out of Portland, and I'm on the NE side of Portland), and paid my dues in Traffic Court. The clerk was able to lower my ticket price by 25% so I took that instead of wait all day for the judge to call my name... he probably wouldn't have done much more than that, so I took my chance to have the rest of my day.

Then I came back into Portland, hit Art Media and got some 'supplies' for selling my earrings (will continue making my purses, but that takes more space and I have a ton of cleaning to do first, earrings are easy and don't take up as much space). Picked up some magazines at Borders and came home... I'll make a few more pair of earrings and also work on my supplies, and then head to my massage therapy appt this afternoon... no rushing today... I did that this morning... argh!

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Good evening!

Long day at work today, but I held up! One of the guys from metals wanted to help with my samples before they went to the analyst, so he started reducing them. But he had been so used to reducing and dumping in the waste drum, that he dumped two racks of unanalyzed samples in there before anyone noticed! The analyst usually reduces the samples before doing them, so I wasn't paying any attention. Luckily I was in a good mood today and laughed it off, even though I had to re-do 5 batches of samples to go out, on top of the batches I was already doing!

Helped Rob put together a valve body and case of a transmission after work so we could leave "on time" (even though 6pm is later than I'd like since we get to work at 6:30-7:30am!) We got it taken care of, so fingers crossed that it works!!

Now I'm cooking a Red Baron pizza - 5 cheese with a garlic crust - for dinner. Gonna turn on CSI reruns in a minute too
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