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Mollys kittens are now ten weeks old and have gone off to their wonderful new homes.

Here they are at nine weeks old.

The two fluffy white and tabby ones went to a lovely family with two young girls. This family had a cat of 19 years of age I was so glad to have found a family like this for them and know they will have a long and happy life.

The other tabby and white when to a lady who had three other cats and had just recently lost one. She fell in love with my tabby and white and again she has gone to a wonderful home..

The fourth kitten I have kept myself and she is surely a handful lol

The advice i am after is about my Molly.. (kittens mum)

I had her spayed yesterday and they told me not to baby her but to try and treat her as usual and she will recover quicker.. Well Molly still seems wobbly on her feet and her fur is all matted and well.... im worried that she still doesnt seem to be eating or drinking (although i managed to get her to have a couple of her favourite treats this morning)

I hate seeing her like this and im keeping the kitten away from her as much as possible to try to get her some rest.

Another thing is i put her in her comfy bed to sleep and she just gets out and sleeps on the hard floor.. *sighs*

Am i fussing too much?
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I a am a similar type of mother. I am fussy. I have never heard of not pampering our babies. Do what you feel is right. A little TLC never hurt anyone.
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Excuse me..............they should understand she went through a surgery. Pamper her , she will recover just fine with as much TLC as you can give her. Also becareful she dosen't run around or jump too much, she will pull her stiches. I stayed with my 2 girls for 5 nights in our extra room. It was the best sleep I had in 20 years, W/out DH snorring......LOL.
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I just wanted to say that the kittens are adorable and it is awesome that you found great homes for them!

A little TLC never did hurt anybody. You are a great mom to be so worried about your baby. I am sure that she will be okay.
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TLC is always a good thing I would pamper her and give her lots of love!

I am happy that you found good homes for the babies! Did you keep the little Tabby on the left in last picture? I would have kept that one too!! She is so adorable!!!
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Thank you all.

Molly is much better today and seems more her old self

Yes Abbycats, that is the one i kept. I wanted them all but had to be realistic.. We played around with a few names for her for weeks lol but we have finally settled on Phoebe.

As I type this Molly has just escaped from her collar that stops her licking her wound and is looking very pleased with herself
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Here they are this afternoon having a snooze

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