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Piper & Poppy (Cuteness OD)

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I have braved the slow computer to deliver you with pictures of my babies!

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awwww They look so fuzzy and sweet

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Oh my goodness, look at those fluffy cupcakes You've got such a bundle of joy there

How old are they?
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OMG too much cuteness for this early in the AM!!!!
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Eeeeeeeee! Look at the little fluff bundles!!!
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aww what beautiful little bundles of fluff.
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So Sweet! I love the way they hang so close together when they are that little.
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Awww they are so sweet!
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Thanks guys. They are approximately 5 weeks old. See my topic in pregnant cats and kitten care - Piper almost died last night.
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OH! They are TOO CUTE! they are so fluffy and adorable.
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OMG you definitely should have put a cuteness warning on this thread!

They are both absolutely gorgeous
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I am so glad that Piper is still okay! for Piper!

These fluffballs are very precious and are very lucky to have you. They look like they have little halos in some of the pics!
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Oh my! I love this little kittens...they grow so fast gotta enjoy this time!

I got my first cat as a stray, vet said he was probably 4 weeks old....he had those beady eyes and disheveled look too....awwwwwwwww takes me back!
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Oh my heart They are precious and so FLUFFY...I LOVE FLUFFY
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They are sooo precious!
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They are both so sweet!!! I love them
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Oh wow, they are beyond adorable! Totally brightened up my day
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