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OMG Kenny Chesney was just on Conan O'Brien (and my idiot brain didn't DVR it )

Like most women into country music, I'm gaga over him and I'm going to see him ON SATURDAY! I'm soooo excited and can't wait! I went last year too and tickets to this year were actually my birthday present

I've also entered for the mastercard sweepsteaks for a chance to win time on his original tour bus and seeing the places where he got his start (plus I'll be using my mastercard as much as possible lol)

I'm such a dork - I'm 24 and a complete mess cuz I just saw him on tv hahaha unfortunately he has a gf at the moment (hey a girl can dream lol) but the latest Country Weekly has an article where he states he won't be getting married again any time soon.

Ah I'm so in la la land right now... I will totally have sweet dreams tonight lol