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My cat is nuts, and I'm angry at her.

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Ok. I'm really angry at my cat right now.

Well, she was going crazy like 40 minutes after I fed her canned food... running around the house like a maniac and tripped her water bowl. I sighed and had to clean up the mess she made. I grabbed paper towel and wiped the ground and guess what? She ran to me and clawed my face! It stings so much... I'm so glad I closed my eye right on time and if not, I would have lost my eye because of the damage she made. My face now has a pretty long scratch mark vertically and I'm really really annoyed. * screams in anger *
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My cats are an active breed so they are always running around like crazy. They often run right over me, so I make sure to keep their nails cut short or I'd be scratched to pieces.
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Thats kittens for you! As she get older she will calm down. Kittens are 100% energy bombs. I am sure that she didn't mean it, she didn't do it out of hate, sounds more like she was startled/goofing off and you got in 'her way.' Sorry about your face, sounds painful.

You should look into cutting her nails every week.... buy a pair of scissor like nail clippers, and cut a tiny bit off, every week. Look it up on the forums, there is lots of info about it on here.

*sigh* makes me think of all of the fools (not directed towards you, just made me think) that see a 'cute' kitten, bring it home, and decide that it's 'too much' and take it to a shelter. Or they wait until it's not a cute playful kitten anymore, then decide they don't want it. I know you are not this type of person, you obviously adore your Yuki, though at the moment are peeved, LOL!
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I have a very active Bengal who makes me her human play toy! Sometimes she can be rough and if her nails aren't trimmed it hurts! She loves to play with her mommy(me)!!

I am sure Yuki was just playing and it was an accident.
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The berzerk phase passes. You might even miss it when it does (well, some of it.)

When Aphrodite was young she'd tear around the house and use all of us as springboards to get on the curtain rods. I got a pretty bad infection in my shoulder from her once, that was over two years ago, it's down to a red spot under the skin now, it'll probably join my long list of cat scars (people are most impressed by the ones on my hands and arms. A friend once looked at them and said to me, "You know, you're not supposed to reach into the chipper-shredder...")

I've had a couple of face close calls, and one good cheek tear (it's just a small white spot now, nobody notices it beside a shaving scar I've got). My wife had an eye close call with Aphrodite when she tore across our faces on bed one night. This is a big deal for my wife, she only has one eye already. If she loses the other, she's blind. She and Dite were on the outs for a while after that.

Now we sit and look at the valances and reminisce about Aphrodite leaping onto us, climbing up our backs with her claws, springing off the tops of our heads then racing along to leap and swing across the next set of drapes like Johnny Weismuller going through the jungle.
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