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How many of you go to the gym?

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Hey all!
I've just started going to the gym in an effort to not turn into my mother and be healthy for as long as I live! ^_^ Anyhoo..

I was wondering, what is your workout regime? How much cardio/strength training do you do? What's your favorite exercise?

I'm also worried; I gained the freshman fifteen (oh no!) but I'm a little confused by it.. After being 5'5" for my entire high school career, I've suddenly shot up an inch as well as gained two cup sizes. I'm worried if I start working out with a lot of cardio, my bustline will shrink. Any thoughts?
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I go 4 times per week.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go and do 1 hour of cardio broken down into 40 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the arm bike. Then I do 1 hour of resistance and weights followed by 45 minutes of aquafit.

Saturday I go and do 1 hour of cardio and 45 minutes of aquafit.

If I had a car and was able to drive there myself I wouldn't cram so much in on M-W-F because those days make for really long days for me. Handi Transit picks me up around 6am and I get home around Noon. Sucks given the fact that my work out is less than 3 hours. I spend just as much time travelling and waiting for rides.

Ideally I would go everyday if I could and divide up the workout into:

M-W-F for weights, arm bike and treadmill
T-T-S for treadmill, arm bike and aquafit.

I think if I could do that I wouldn't be so exhausted after going to the gym.

My favourite exercise is the treadmill and aquafit. Which is ironic because until this past February I hadn't been in a pool in almost 25 years due to a huge fear of water stemming from a drowning accident when I was in grade 5.
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I use to go to Curves 3-4 times a week however stopped about a year ago because of joint issue's.

I really enjoyed going and found I had tons more energy when I was going.

Now I try to walk a couple of times a week and swim when I can...
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I try to go every day, and I do a pretty good job of it. I do cardio every time, anywhere from 20-45 minutes, depending on how I'm feeling, what my schedule looks like, etc. Then, every other day, I do about half an hour of strength. My cardio is usually the treadmill, though I sometimes do the elliptical if I'm feeling particularly masochistic I use a variety of machines for the strength part. And about your bustline shrinking... I dunno, it seems like everything but my bustline has shrunk since I've started Though I know some women have the opposite problem.
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I have my gym set up in my basement. I lift weights 4 nights a week and follow-up with 20-25 minutes on the stationary bike.

My current split is:

Monday- chest/triceps
Tuesday- back/biceps
Wednesday- off
Thursday- legs
Friday- calves/shoulders

I also work in some abs work at the start of each workout.
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Yay, a workout thread! lol. I work out 4-6 times a week. I alternate cardio and resistance/weight training, although if I skip out on anything it will be the cardio!! I hate cardio!!

The key to exercise is no matter what you do, change it up every few weeks!!! If for cardio you do the treadmill all the time that is fine, just mix up what you do on the treadmill. (just jogging, fast walking with sprint intervals, walk on incline with running on flat, etc) as it keeps your body guessing. The day you stop mixing it up is the day you will notice a plateau!!! (Wolf's Law- your body adapts to the demands placed upon it! and SAID Principle- Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands)-basically your body will adjust to the stress you put on it, so keep your body guessing and it will have to adapt (i.e. build strength, lose fat, etc!).

I do 30 minutes of moderate cardio or 20 min intense cardio on my cardio days. On resistance days I do total body using weights or my body weight).

Please don't forget to include resistance training in your workouts,a lot of females tend to skip this. It is just as important as cardio...you can burn calories and lose weight with it, and it is excellent to build strength for your bones.

About your cup size...if it increased due to weight gain there is a chance you will lose some. If it had nothing to do with weight gain you may keep the size, and adding in some pec exercises will help keep them firm and perky, LOL!
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