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Willie's new kittybuddy!

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Yay! Willie has a kittybuddy! Ok, so they haven't met yet, but... I found a stray kitty at my grandmother's house last Saturday. After confirming that she has no owners, and putting flea medicine (left over from when I got Willie) on her neck, I just brought her home. She's been amazingly sweet and docile... I just hope that she gets the hang of the litterbox thing (I put THREE of them in the room with her, filled with potting soil per hissy's advice). And she and Mio get along great... he even took a little scratch with a grain of salt, saying "she's probably scared and frustrated". Yay yay yay! I hope to have her to the vet by Wed, updates and pictures to follow!
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Lola I'm so glad you got her!!! (Is it a her for sure? ) Sounds like she will be a great addition to your family, and that she and Mio will get along well. Maybe that will even give Willie enough space to come out of his shell, we can hope at least.
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Lola...congrats on the new kitty! Don't forget to get her a check up...you don't want Willie to catch something from the newest addition!
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I would separate them for now. If the stray is bringing something in with it, you could have a problem. A vet check should be done before you put any strange cat in with your resident ones, even if the stray *looks* healthy.
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Good luck with your new kitty Lola!! I'm so glad it's working out for you!!!! What are you going to call her?
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Ok, I was short on time earlier... the kitty is in a seperate room with litterboxes, food and water all his/her own. I'm not sure it's a she, just feel that way. So I'm probably wrong! I'm going to do my best to get one of the vets to squeeze him/her in on Wed... there are plenty of vets around here, so that shouldn't be a big problem. I'm planning on not even starting the introduction process until the vet gives me the all-clear... Willie is neutered, so the surgery can wait until after I can get a voucher from the SPCA.

Tentatively, her/his name is Mocha. And of course, I couldn't resist taking pictures!

And so you can see how tiny s/he is, the paper plate is the size of the "dinner plates" currently being sold.
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Glad to hear the new one is in isolation. Looks like a sweetie, soft fur and all!
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Lola - congratulations on the new kitty addition! Mocha is just lovely. I hope that (s)he and Willie get along as great pals once they can get to know each other.
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Oh she is so pretty! I'm sure Willie will be happy to have someone to play with (after she gets the all clear). What is her tempermant like?
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What a beautful cat!!
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aaawww... so sweet!!!
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Pretty kitty! Is that a white "star" on her chest?
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S/he's a real lover... rubs all over anyone who comes in sight! But feisty and full of energy! And yes, s/he has a little star on his/her chest! His/her mom and one of the sisters are almost completely identical, dark brown with a "star" in the same spot! The only difference I could really see was that mom is short-haired, sis is medium-haired, and Mocha is long-haired. Kitty is currently doing well, happily settled in the room. Willie spends much time crouched in front of the door, trying to see under it. But the minute Mocha starts meowing, he slinks off to hide under the bed, what a scaredy-cat!
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With the star I would probably have the urge to call her Celestial or something equally silly. I really like Mocha
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Aw, Lola Mocha is beautiful!! She looks so relaxed in those picture.
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Ohh I can't wait to see pics of the sweet girl!
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What an angel you are!!!!! And what a cutie!!!!

...(Of course, Mocha looks just like Magic - and he was a teeny one too! He was ALSO a total sweetheart and a lap kitty! He's with his new mommy now.... )

So how's it going? Is Willie still playing chicken?

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